Go Big Or Go Home: How To Make 2020 Your Year

By following the law of attraction, you can program your mind to attract what you really want.

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We all aspire to be successful, rich, famous, and happy. We all work very hard to be one of these things at some point in our lives. Sometimes, we focus so hard on being one of these things that we lose sight of the good things we already have going on for us. Sometimes our happiness becomes so conditional that the "buts" and "ifs" ruin every happy moment we encounter.


What if I told you that greatness exists in all of us. That each and every one of us has their own kind of ingenuity- all we have to do is find it and apply it. It is simply up to us to extract it from the depths of our souls. By following the law of attraction, you can program your mind to attract what you really want.

While there is absolutely no scientific evidence that people attract their fate and fortune, however, hundreds of authors, life coaches, psychologists, and gurus have preached the mantra for years. So instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen or wishing you had it differently, here's what you need to do to attract and manifest what you want in life.

1. DECIDE WHAT IT IS YOU REALLY WANT One of the biggest problems we face these days is not knowing what we want exactly. We know we want to be successful like Mark Zuckerberg, rich like Jeff Bezos, smart like Elon Musk, but we're not really sure whether or not these things really matter to us, or if these ideologies are just being pushed on us by mainstream media. The idea of being successful under 30 or a billionaire by 40: who set that rule and deadline? And does that mean people who aren't retired by the age of 45 are losers?

2. DREAM BIG We're talking first man on the moon big. After deciding on what it is you really want, go all out. Don't blame yourself or your circumstances on how you're not manifesting your desires. As soon as you commit to a big dream and really chase it, your subconscious mind will come up with creative ideas to make it happen. Your energy and vibrations will attract the people and circumstances to set things in motion for you.

3. RELEASE HINDRANCES TO SUCCESS Let go of anyone or anything that is holding you back. Unfortunately, there will always be obstacles along the way; you just need to train your mind to quickly overcome them. The three most common manifestation blocks include negativity, toxic people, and bad timing. By getting rid of these hindrances that are standing in your way to success, your goals will become clearer than ever.

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4. VISUALIZE SUCCESS Pour all your concentration and energy into "seeing" what it is you want in life. Think about how it makes you feel and repeat affirmations with that visualization. Create a pattern of visualizing and "feeling" your goals, and your subconscious will start to vibrate at that frequency.

5. TAKE ACTION Finally, take small steps towards your big dream. Don't wait for the universe to throw everything right in your lap. The quickest way to fail is to not even try. Keep the faith, work hard, and watch great things happen for you.

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