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Lessons On Leadership: Panchali Mahendra, President, Atelier House Hospitality Panchali Mahendra reflects on what she considers to be one of the most important things she has learnt about leadership.

By Aby Sam Thomas

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Atelier House Hospitality

It was in November 2022 that Panchali Mahendra, who was, until then, the Managing Director for the award-winning UAE-based F&B group, Atelier House Hospitality, was promoted to her current role as its President. In a statement announcing Mahendra's new position, Ahmass Fakahany, founder and CEO of Atelier House Hospitality, commended her for leading the enterprise (which has award-winning F&B concepts like 11 Woodfire, Mohalla, RSVP, and others in its portfolio) to gain a firm foothold in the region, saying, "We started with an idea, and a lot of courage, and Panchali turned that dream into reality."

That proclamation by Fakahany kind of says it all when it comes to the kind of leadership that Mahendra has exhibited in her career so far, which has seen her work (and excel) in the F&B space for more than 19 years now. Add to that the fact that Mahendra is one of the few female figures to be seen in leadership roles in the F&B arena of the UAE and the wider region, and that only adds to the reasons that make her a role model for women hoping to make it big in this sector. But what of Mahendra herself- who has been her source of inspiration? "The most remarkable instance of true leadership that I have witnessed is exemplified by my mother, who holds a directorial position at a prestigious university in India," Mahendra replies. "She has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on goals, while remaining adaptable, persistent, and hardworking. Observing her ability to maintain clarity amid uncontrollable chaos has motivated me to strive for a similar trait within myself." Now, that's a trait that is certain to serve Mahendra well as Atelier House Hospitality gets set for a whole new stage of growth- but more about that when the company is ready to make those announcement(s). Watch this space!

Panchali Mahendra reflects on what she considers to be one of the most important things she has learnt about leadership.

"The most significant leadership lesson that I have personally acquired during my years in the business realm is the understanding that no task is menial. I strongly embrace the idea that 'dirty hands are a sign of clean business,' and I make it a point to be actively involved in various aspects of the business. This hands-on approach has provided me with extraordinary insights and opportunities for learning. I owe this valuable lesson to my mentor and the founder of Atelier House Hospitality, Ahmass Fakahany."

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Aby Sam Thomas

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