The Audacity Of Hope

"The answer to hope is sometimes so close that if we just hang on a little bit more, we'll get what we're after."

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By Ihsan Eid Salhia

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Image courtesy Ihsan Eid Salhia.

I love the above image. I was in the middle of the desert early in the morning, when a herd of camels came together and passed by me. I was so excited to be a witness to this, and therefore captured this image.

However, I do remember that before I got to snap this picture, I had almost given up the idea of getting a good photograph on this particular morning. In fact, I had even thought of packing up, and heading home. But I hung in there, and waited.

As 2021 draws to a close, know that if this has been a difficult year for you, we hear you. Just remember one thing: the answer to hope is sometimes so close that if we just hang on a little bit more, we'll get what we're after.

Have hope, and keep pushing.

Ihsan Eid Salhia

Founder and CEO, TG Media Productions LLC

Ihsan Eid Salhia (perhaps better known as The Guy, aka TG) is the founder and CEO of TG Media Productions LLC. Follow him on Instagram @TGFROMDUBAI

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