The Video Age Has Arrived (And It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon) As video continues to be recognized as the core of many organizations' entire business plans, executives must keep current on forthcoming video developments.

By Thomas Jensen

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As we all have seen over the past few years, hours and hours and hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This statistic demonstrates how, in the previous 15 years, video consumption has expanded, and is now one of our primary communication platforms.

Take a look at the popularity of Instagram Stories, TikTok, and Twitch as well. As the world continues to consume and embrace motion images as a means of transmitting information and connecting ideas, the range of technical advancements, major infrastructure advances, and system breakthroughs will change, particularly as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and virtual reality (VR) gain popularity.

Several innovations are already commonly used in the workplace- around 86% of business and technology professionals believe that AI will be a dominant technology in their organization by the end of 2022.

As video continues to be recognized as the core of many organizations' entire business plans, executives must keep current on forthcoming video developments. Those who successfully manage the change will reap the benefits and avoid possible dangers; those who do not risk falling behind.

AI and ML have advanced dramatically in the last five years. As developers continue to extend the capabilities of these technologies, AI and ML may soon overtake traditional software, and others anticipate that they may contend with software engineers or specialists in any other knowledge subject as their ability to create code improves.

When it comes to video production, we're witnessing this trend in the shape of breakthroughs in automated natural language processing– think about how much your phone's voice-to-text capability has improved in recent years, for example. Some organizations are also starting to utilize ML to convert text into natural sounding spoken conversations, allowing individuals to simply and rapidly produce movies.

According to research, the United Arab Emirates and Europe will experience a boom in the adoption of sophisticated video technology in the near future. The report also showed the industry's objectives for video technology investment, the hurdles they would confront, and further potential for development.

In 2021, organizations throughout the world spent US$2 billion on video surveillance analytics. According to the survey, transportation and logistics have also demonstrated the highest level of intelligence in terms of video technology deployment.

The UAE, for its part, is required to focus on a number of crucial areas, including access control use of 50%, environment monitoring of 50%, on-site security of 75%, remote asset monitoring of 50%, and line inspection of 50%. The UAE also intends to increase crime detection, prevention, and forensics by 33.3% over the next five years, traffic analysis by 66.67%, and predictive maintenance by 66.67%.

The video age has arrived, and it's not going away anytime soon. Although we haven't reached the apex of its development, video content now accounts for around 82% of all internet traffic, as various firms have incorporated it into their goods and services to improve the user experience.

Although video adoption is foreseeable, the video technology trends that determine what's most essential for content makers, suppliers, and distributors change from year to year based on market demands. Last year, video makers worldwide said that cost reduction, finding new content sources, and enhancing the watching experience were top priorities.

Whether it's healthcare, education, or entertainment, video is at the forefront of it all, but we must also ensure that at all times, we are using this tool responsibly. There will be many more exciting possibilities as we progress toward a future in which video technology is a part of everyday life. To reap the benefits of those possibilities for present and future generations, we must use this wonderful technology the right way- responsibly.

Thomas Jensen

CEO, Milestone Systems

Thomas Jensen is the CEO of Milestone Systems, a leading provider of open platform video management software. 

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