Break Free: Make Yourself Your Number One Priority The choice is yours to be happy and content, regardless of the external world. We just happen to be often looking in the wrong direction.

By Saahil Mehta

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We often believe that "when I make this much money, I will be happy."

Or perhaps "when I get that promotion, I will be happy."

Or "when I find a partner, I will be happy."

Does the above sound familiar? In each case, it is a condition or circumstance that you have set on yourself in order to be happy.

But why is it that we need to depend on external items to be happy?

What if I told you that the physiological state of a human is to be happy? The choice is yours to be happy and content, regardless of the external world. We just happen to be often looking in the wrong direction.

You often talk about what is to be added in your life to progress, but often forget about what is to be removed which is preventing you from making progress.

By the time you finish reading this, you will have the essential framework to start removing clutter from your life and overcome this mental overload.

I want to highlight three misconceptions in our lives today:

Previously, when I had "alone time," I would jump on my phone to make sure I was using time efficiently, as being with my thoughts felt as if time was being wasted. I was very reactive, and I felt like a hamster on a wheel, running but not always clear on my direction.

Today, my perspective has changed, and I long for my "alone time" on a daily basis to reflect, which, ironically, has freed up time. This has enabled me to be more proactive and have a better grip on my day.

How, you may ask. One word: focus.

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It is time to focus on self. When you have clutter in your life, whether physical or mental, it is basically like a ball and chain attached to your leg. The more of these you have, the more is the weight holding you down and preventing you from soaring.

Who is your number one priority?

It is time to make yourself the number one priority in your life. You spend so much time with yourself- imagine how much more amazing life can be if you improve that relationship with the self. So, the question that you must ask yourself is: what do you want to attract in your life?

Break Free by Saahil Mehta. Source: Saahil Mehta

As the author of Break Free, I am excited provide the tools to declutter your life and remove the weight that you have been holding on for so long. This will allow you to go back to your authentic self, a beautiful soul filled with compassion and love.

I have come up with a simple methodology to help you start your journey to freedom and work towards finding your purpose. As you can see, the diagram below looks like an archery target, where as you get close to the bull's eye, the process goes from inwards to outwards.

This four-step decluttering process to truly break free from all that's holding you back from living your potential is highlighted below, and I am sharing some insights about the art of decluttering the two most critical elements- your mind and your body:

1. How to declutter the body We often take our bodies for granted until the tipping point- and many a time, it is indeed too late to pivot or recover. Let us become mindful of what we consume, and nourish our bodies instead of burdening it. To nourish it better, we must declutter or cleanse it first. Being conscious of what you eat or fasting can help you start the declutter process, and prime it for absorbing the required vitamins and minerals. Mind you, there is no better cleanse than a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

2. How to declutter the mind Our mind can lead us to greatness, or inhibit us from it. But once we learn how to break free from the illusion of mental shackle we imprison ourselves in, we will know how to get there. Small things like learning not to worry for the uncontrollable, or forgiving yourself and others when there is nothing more to be done about the bygones, can help you free up valuable mental real estate to be more and do more.

As you progress on this decluttering journey, you will learn to live a more authentic and purposeful life, achieving results beyond your imagination.

Now, you know happiness lies within you.

Now, you know there is ample time when you are focused.

Now, you know that you are your number one priority.

So, the question that remains is: what will your life look like when you break free?

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Saahil Mehta

Entrepreneur and author

Saahil Mehta is an entrepreneur, author, and passionate mountaineer. Over the last 10 years, Saahil scaled four of the tallest mountains in the world, a dream that he harbored since childhood. As a global citizen, Saahil has built successful businesses across 3 continents, has written a book on personal disruption, and coaches ambitious leaders on scaling their summit. 

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