Tailor Time: John Douglas, Co-Founder, Suit Up Dubai, On Finding The Right Suit For You

Fuelled by fondness for tailored clothing and tired of facing the common task of trying to find well-cut suits in Dubai, John Douglas and Ryan Smith launched Suit Up Dubai in December 2016.


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Fuelled by fondness for tailored clothing and tired of facing the common task of trying to find well-cut suits in Dubai, John Douglas and Ryan Smith launched Suit Up Dubai in December 2016. With backgrounds in operations and sales, plus a keen eye for detail and high level of customer care, the duo tested free tailor-made clothing services to family and friends. The startup currently offers affordable, quality tailor-made fitting services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi -including choices of fabric and bespoke measurements- in the comfort of your home or workplace. (They'll even head to the gym -as the startup had once done- all without a shop front.)

"Everyone's tastes are different," says Douglas, on choosing a suitable suit. He likens choosing a fabric to varying an individual's personality. "It's not a secret that when you feel confident in what you're wearing, you have an increased level of confidence," he adds, explaining that the wearer should go with what makes him comfortable. For those unaccustomed to wearing suits, the duo recommends a grey or navy suit- subtle in style, but with distinguishing details such as button holes a different color, leaving the last sleeve button undone to show your tailored suit as off-theshelve don't have working sleeve buttons. And if you're into tailored suits and brave in peculiar touches, the duo suggest it's time to take out the checker suits, or mix it up with a different colored trousers, jackets or waist coats.

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THE SINGLE-BUTTON "The single-button suit jacket, in my opinion, is changing the game. Once seen as the casual man's go-to for those "fancy' events, the one-button is now gaining popularity at black tie and formal events. I love the one-button suit because it gives you the deeper [lapel] to show off a killer shirt and tie combo or vest."

THE DOUBLE-BUTTON "The double-button suit, will probably be in every man's wardrobe. It's classical, yet powerful. It's the jacket for every working day. It shows off just enough tie and shirt."

THE TRIPLE-BUTTON "It has come and gone out of the fashion world, but it's a great suit for the taller man, showing less [lapel] in the jacket."

THE DOUBLE-BREASTED "The double-breasted jacket was predominantly worn by the more political, and conservative man. It shows off sophistication. For that reason, the double-breasted jacket should be worn at ceremonies, graduation events, and ball parties."

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