Dubai Startup Hub Launches Eight Sector Guides To Support Entrepreneurs The sector guides provide a comprehensive list of business incubators and accelerators that can help entrepreneurs grow their startups, as well as events and conferences that focus on their specific industries.

By Megha Merani

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Dubai Startup Hub, the entrepreneurship initiative of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has launched eight specialized sector guides for entrepreneurs to help them launch their startups and do business in the UAE.

The sector guides, which cover the fintech, healthcare, transportation, education, F&B, social impact, sustainability, and travel, tourism and hospitality, provide a comprehensive list of business incubators and accelerators that can help entrepreneurs grow their startups, as well as events and conferences that focus on their specific industries.

"The guides are an innovative new tool to help promising startups in each of the target sectors," Natalia Sycheva, Senior Manager, Special Projects and Entrepreneurship at Dubai Chamber, said.

"They form part of the Chamber's plan to address the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, where a significant chunk of our investments has been earmarked for knowledge-building and providing information for entrepreneurs and startups at this critical time."

The guides were launched following Dubai Chamber's "Networking Series', which ran from mid-October to mid-December 2020 in collaboration with business setup company Virtuzone.

The fifth edition of Dubai Chamber's Networking Series drew more than 360 participants, 22% of which were Emirati entrepreneurs, in addition to startup owners from around the world tuning in for the virtual event.

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"The Dubai Startup Hub's mandate is to support emerging companies and help them understand and navigate the procedures for establishing businesses in Dubai," Sycheva added. "The initiative serves to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and lays solid foundations for partnership and cooperation, all in an effort to drive growth in the emirate's startup scene. This ultimately boosts Dubai's entrepreneurial ecosystem and strengthens its position as a global destination for new businesses."

Dubai Chamber's Networking Series has drawn more than 1,650 participants throughout its five editions, including seasoned entrepreneurs, new startup founders, and investors, holding a total of 48 meetings.

Attendees came together to showcase success stories, explore ways to overcome challenges, highlight the necessary tools for business development, and help create an environment for networking and building new relationships.

Established by Dubai Chamber in 2016, Dubai Startup Hub is the first initiative of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa region, with a mandate to emphasise the value of public and private sector collaboration, in addition to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship as key drivers of the economy in Dubai and the UAE.

The initiative provides a multi-programme platform for entrepreneurs from around the world to explore business opportunities in Dubai, while also enabling them to benefit from a set of initiatives and services, such as the Market Access Program, Emirati Development Program, Dubai Smartpreneur Competition, and the Co-Founder Dubai Program, among others.

To view and download the guides, click here.

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