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Saudi Arabia-Based Nomu Group And UAE-Based Jalebi Partner Up To Introduce AI-Based Services To Advance The Regional Restaurant Industry This partnership aims to create a synergetic collaboration using Nomu Group's procurement forecasting and fulfilment tools and Jalebi's inventory optimization and restaurant operations technology.

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Jalebi/Nomu Group
Yassir El Ismaili El Idrissi, Chief Growth and Expansion Officer, Nomu Group, and Zohare Haider, CEO, Jalebi

Nomu Group, a Riyadh-headquartered food supply chain management startup, and Jalebi, a Dubai-based restaurant operating system (ROS), have entered into a partnership with an aim to introduce innovative tools and technologies in the MENA region's restaurant industry.

Jalebi launched its services in the Saudi Arabia market in early 2023, following its participation in US-headquartered startup accelerator Techstars' program in Riyadh. On the other hand, Nomu Group -which was formed through a merger between Saudi Arabia-based Jumlaty, a wholesale platform for small restaurant businesses in the MENA, and Egypt-based Appetito, a grocery delivery startup- officially launched its services in January 2023.

As such, both companies' missions align with the concept of creating sustainable and profitable results for restaurant owners and operators of all sizes across the region. This partnership thus aims to create a synergetic collaboration using Nomu Group's procurement forecasting and fulfillment tools and Jalebi's inventory optimization and restaurant operations technology.

One of the key areas of focus will be on creating an artificial intelligence (AI)-based predictive fulfillment system and streamlining processes, as well as introducing tools that can reduce waste for restaurants. The solutions will aim to automate inventory ordering and reordering, stock management, and supplier relationships, which will further aim to enable restaurant owners to focus on their core business operations.

Source: Jalebi/Nomu Group

"We are thrilled to join forces with and introduce a game-changing solution to the region," Yassir El Ismaili El Idrissi, Chief Growth and Expansion Officer at Nomu Group, said. "Our partnership is built on a shared vision to create value for uplifting restaurant prosperity with a streamlined and integrated restocking process that is entirely technology-driven, saving them valuable time and money while improving their ESG contribution towards reducing environmental impact."

On his part, Zohare Haider, CEO of Jalebi, added, "Partnering with Nomu Group simply makes sense. By combining our resources, we bring much-needed global expertise in inventory optimization to the bustling restaurant industry in MENA. Our technology is co-created with the guidance of leading professionals from Del Monte to Subway, with a single purpose of helping restaurants reduce costs by improving inventory efficiency and minimizing food waste and theft. Ultimately, leading to a sustainable and profitable industry."

Although the technology created via this partnership is yet to be introduced commercially in the MENA market, its pilot phase has shown promising results. Both companies will now aim to invest towards building world-class offerings that can induce further innovation within the region's restaurant and food technologies.

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