Self Care: What MENA Entrepreneurs Do To Take Care Of Themselves

We asked entrepreneurs and investors on the essentials in taking care of their physical and mental well-being.

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At this year's edition of STEP Conference, we asked entrepreneurs and investors on the essentials of taking care of their physical and mental well-being and their tips on maintaining a work-life balance.

"I'm definitely putting in long hours, and that's something that comes as part of the job," says Bana Shomali, founder of Service Market. "But the way I balanced that is, first of all, I've built a strong founding team with me so I'm not alone anymore, which I think is very important, so when the going gets tough, you always feel like you've got a strong team with you. And the rest of our employee as well, and the wider team [too], they all have a skin in the game, and they all have a stake in the success of Service Market, so I don't feel like I'm on my own anymore, I feel like there's a whole team behind it, so that's really important. The second thing is, I have a co-founder with me along the way, so that's been a huge support." She adds the significance of taking care of yourself, keeping close ties to family and friends to get better perspective when hurdles come along, while ensuring you have an active lifestyle.

Moreover, Rayan Osseiran, founder of Limink, Ahmad Marafi, co-founder and CEO of Barmej, Mostafa El Kholy, co-founder of Fyonka, and Fadi El Ghattis, co-founder of PicWPost, shared their tips- check out the video to hear their insights!

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