UAE Launches The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Settlement Challenge With AED2 Million Grant For those of you working on solutions in the sphere of human space habitation, here's valuable support from the UAE government.

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For those of you working on solutions in the sphere of human space habitation, here's valuable support from the UAE government. With an objective to accelerate space exploration activities, the UAE launched the Space Settlement Challenge at the just-concluded 2018 World Government Summit. Under the challenge, the country has set aside a dedicated seed fund grant of AED2 million (approximately EUR500,000) to support "ambitious projects from all areas of research pursuing ideas and concepts to unlock the future of human space habitation." Interestingly, the challenge is open to ideas and minds worldwide, regardless of discipline, background, or origin of the projects.

The Space Settlement Challenge is one of the first initiatives announced as part of the recently established Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Accelerated Research, an initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation. The challenge is made up of three categories. The first revolves around space settlement aiming to discover locations that would accommodate at least 100 people including aspects like construction automation, power, food, water, etc. The second leg of the challenge -termed Terraforming & Space Ecology- will look into creating livable long-term environments in space, and the third category-Economics, Business Model & Governance- looks for solutions for optimal resource utilization by identifying private sector partners.

To grow your idea with the support of the grant and mentorship that the challenge offers, and/or to know more about it, check out the infographic below, and visit the official page here. Hurry and apply before March 10, 2018!

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