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Here Are The Shortlisted Nominees Of The Mastercard Women SME Leaders Awards 2024 The nominees have been selected following a rigorous vetting process by the Entrepreneur Middle East team, as well as a judging committee chaired by Mastercard and industry leaders.

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The 2024 edition of the Mastercard Women SME Leaders Awards is set to take place on June 6, 2024 at the Bluewaters Forum by Banyan Tree Dubai in the UAE.

The Mastercard Women SME Leaders Awards is an annual event that aims to empower women-owned and run small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

After a rigorous vetting process by the Entrepreneur Middle East team, as well as a judging committee chaired by Mastercard and industry leaders, the complete list of shortlisted companies and individuals has now been announced.

Source: Mastercard

The list of final nominees for each of the 15 categories of the Mastercard Women SME Leaders Awards 2024 is as follows:

The Creative Leader

  • Stephanie Khouri-Choueiri, Managing Director, Sites Design andBuild (UAE)
  • Rim Guirari, CEO, Mustard and Linen Interior Design (UAE)
  • Fay Young, Director and Partner, BID LLC (UAE)
  • Sawsan Haber, owner and Managing Partner, Dipiugi (UAE)
  • Dominique Laird, Group Creative Director, Solutions Leisure Group (UAE)
  • Alla Donţu, founder, ALMAESTRO (Moldova)

The F&B Leader

  • Panchali Mahendra, Global CEO, Atelier House Hospitality (UAE)
  • Atim Mbah, founder and Project Coordinator, Green Farmlands (Cameroon)
  • Hessa H. Alkhalifa, founder and Chef, Curious Diner (Bahrain)
  • Hoda El-Sherif, founder, Flavor Republic (Egypt)
  • Neha Anand, founder and Managing Director, Three Layer Hospitality (UAE)
  • Chaimae Sqalli Adoui, Quality Manager, FOODEALS MEA (Morocco)
  • Aline Saadé, founder, Hachichit Albé (Lebanon)
  • Laura Kaziukoniene, founder and CEO, Super Garden (Lithuania)

The Visionary

  • Hanane Benkhalouk, founder, Tawazoun (UAE)
  • Mirna Sleiman, founder and CEO, Fintech Galaxy (UAE)
  • Priyanka Brahmbhatt, co-founder and CEO, Bankai Group (UAE)
  • Agwuna Favour Obianuju, co-founder and Head of Programs, Waste to SafeNets Venture (Nigeria)
  • Sonya Mohamed Janahi, founder and CEO, SJ Investment (Bahrain)
  • Ajayi Shulammite Fisola, founder, Vocational Skills and Empowerment Foundation (Nigeria)

The Leader of Tomorrow

  • Reem Musabbah, co-founder, Unipreneur Inc, and Head of Community Engagement and Membership, Women in AI UAE Technology (UAE)
  • Aisha Iddrisu-Ahmadu, Business Coach, Missashleybakes (Ghana)
  • Shilpa Mahtani, founder and Chief Business Officer, bnbme Holiday Homes (UAE)
  • Nosaibah Alrajhi, CEO and Board Member, Forus Invest (Saudi Arabia)
  • Madueke Jane of MacTech Innovative (Nigeria)

The Health Custodian

  • Amal Tolba, Managing Director, Hope Abilitation Medical Center(UAE)
  • Natasha Rudatsenko, founder and CEO, Health Nag (UAE)
  • Chelsea Hornby, founder, Elle International (South Africa)
  • Sarah Lindsay, co-founder, Roar Fitness (UAE)
  • Patricia Odoi-Atsem, owner and CEO, 3m&C Ghana Limited/3m&C Healthsystems (Ghana)
  • Susan Jere Stephens, founder and CEO, Sukie Wellness Solutions ltd (Zambia)

The Innovator

  • Maggie Musanje of Bukowa CredorSave Loans (Zambia)
  • Reem Musabbah, Board Member, Esaal, and co-founder, Unipreneur (UAE)
  • Jessy Radwan, founder and CEO, Carerha (Egypt)
  • Farah Zafar, co-founder and CEO, Lyvely (UAE)
  • Shereen Tawfiq, founder and CEO, Balinca (UAE)

The Retailer

  • Erika Blazeviciute Doyle, founder and Managing Director, Drink Dry (UAE)
  • Hannah Curran, founder, Pure Born (UAE)
  • Basma Chaieri, founder, Etika Jewels (UAE)
  • Pamela Lilburne Opie, founder and CEO, Linen Obsession Textile Trading Llc (UAE)
  • Freda Nyambura Gachie, Managing Director, Card Group East Africa Ltd (Kenya)

The Professional Services Leader

  • Rosheen Ngorima, CEO, Neeps Consulting Services (UAE/South Africa)
  • Nivine Issa, founder and Managing Director, Terra Nexus (UAE)
  • Nancy Akeyo, founder, The Confidence Queen (Nigeria)
  • Sujud Albalawneh, founder, Supportive For Packaging Solutions (Jordan)
  • Annette Kimitei, Managing Director, Senaca East Africa Limited (Kenya)
  • Yuliia Fedosiuk, CEO, UAPAY (Ukraine)

The Media Leader

  • Renata Messara, Reborn Consultancy (UAE)
  • Gugulethu Mahlangu, House Harvest (South Africa)
  • Jacqueline Lawrence, Highlands FM Radio (Tanzania)
  • Tina Charisma, Charisma Campaign Accr (Ghana)
  • Adriana Usvat, FLC Group (UAE)
  • Ellie Keene, Keene PR (UAE)
  • Zainab Salami, Mswitch Media (Nigeria)
  • Nikita Phulwani, By Niggi Marketing Management (UAE)
  • Nadejda Gorea, Design.Arhitectura.Stil SRL (Moldova)

The Social Impact Leader

  • Rev. Sereine Nterinanziza, Managing Director and Principal, Hands of Compassion Rwanda (Rwanda)
  • Syndiah James, founder, First Light Foundation (South Africa)
  • Scola Kevin Ponera, Managing Director, Hecasa Homestay and Safaris LTD (Tanzania)
  • Qhakaza Mohare, Chief Operating Officer, Digify Foundation (Digify Africa) (South Africa)
  • Hanane Benkhalouk, founder, Tawazoun (UAE)
  • İpek Kıraç of Suna'nın Kızları (Turkey)

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Maria Morris, founder, Maria Morris Real Estate (UAE)
  • Nneka Nwobbi, CEO, Children Living with Cancer Foundation (Nigeria)
  • Dr. Smita Francis, founder and Chair, Namibia Women in Engineering Association (Namibia)
  • Suraya Turk, Managing Partner, Legal Circle (UAE)
  • Sheeba Hasnain, Chairwoman and CIO, Sentiente (UAE)
  • Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton, founder and CEO, The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc. (USA and Zambia)

Momrepreneur Of The Year

  • Hadil Al-Khatib, co-owner and CEO, The Broth Lab (UAE)
  • Rania Saied, CEO, Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Café (UAE)
  • Ruwaida Abela Northen, founder, JRN Consultancy (UAE)
  • Jennifer Muller, founder, Little Melly (Lebanon)
  • Claire Kanj, founder, Marsh'N'Mallow (UAE)
  • Farah Ahmed, founder and CEO, The Baby Garage (Egypt)

The Fashion and Beauty Leader

  • Yewande Akinse, co-founder, Salubata (Nigeria)
  • Leda Di Marti, CEO, Maelle Group LLC (UAE)
  • Barbaranne Heaton, owner and Creative Director, Hom Bridal (UAE)
  • Guzal Ergasheva, co-owner, Prive7 Salon, and co-founder, Avanta, and Womens Russian Speaking Social Club (UAE)
  • Teni Agana, founder and CEO, Loozeele Initiative (Ghana)
  • Haifa Addas, founder and CEO, Instaglam (UAE)

Home-Based Business Of The Year

  • Alicia English, Executive Director, The Olive Exchange (South Africa)
  • Aisha Iddrisu-Ahmadu, business coach,Missashleybakes (Ghana)
  • Boikhutso Ngwenya of Craft Unlimited (Botswana)
  • Zaynab Elhaj, founder, Save ME (UAE)
  • Cathie Halim, founder, SPActacular (Egypt)

The Educator

  • Chioma Ukpabi, founder, Skill Up With Kahdsole (Nigeria)
  • Jessy Radwan, founder and CEO, Carerha (Egypt)
  • Nyenje Aida Lubwama, Senior Consultant, Uganda Management Institute (Uganda)
  • Mago Hasfa, founder and Literacy Specialist, Read to Learn Foundation/ Book Drive Store (Uganda)
  • Soraya Beheshti, Managing Director, Crimson Education (UAE)

Launched in 2022 to empower entrepreneurial women, the Mastercard Women SME Leaders Awards aims to shine a spotlight on women who are shaping the future of the emerging markets around the globe.

With this year's edition marking the third occurrence of the annual event, the Mastercard Women SME Leaders Awards will be celebrating the achievements and contributions of women entrepreneurs who have demonstrated commendable leadership, vision, and resilience in steering their SMEs to success.

Stay tuned to Entrepreneur Middle East for the reveal of the winners of the Mastercard Women SME Leaders Awards 2024.

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