Hitesh Chawla

CEO, SilverPush

Hitesh is the founder and CEO of Silverpush, a mobile ad tech start-up established in India. A tech entrepreneur with over a decade’s experience in data analytics and digital ads, Hitesh has grown SilverPush to pioneer India’s first mobile DSP, as well as leading its international expansion.

Founded in 2012, SilverPush incorporates its patented video fingerprinting and content recognition technology for real-time TV sync product campaigns. It is used to develop new ad-tech products to serve contextual In-Video ads that enhance user experiences on video platforms; namely through the detection objects, emotions and brand assets.

Hitesh’s motivation to found SilverPush was to do something different within the ad tech space and to do so in his home country of India. Having seen limited success with Wiseassist Technologies, Hitesh later decided to focus bringing about change in the contemporary digital ads ecosystem.



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