Netta Korin

Co-founder of Orbs and Hexa Foundation

Co-founder of Orbs and Hexa Foundation, Netta Korin began her career on Wall Street as an investment banker, and later became a hedge fund manager. She has extensive experience in philanthropy, and for over 15 years has served on multiple boards, holding high-level positions in executive committees.

Hexa Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on using blockchain to create social impact whilst The Orbs Network is a public blockchain infrastructure designed for businesses looking at trust as a competitive strategy.



Why Greta Should Love Blockchain

Blockchain can enable a platform for immutable reporting of carbon emissions from all energy production and consumption units, ranging from power plants to factories, vehicles and more


Could China Foster a 'Cleaner' Bitcoin?

People often equate energy consumption with pollution, and thus the current attitude towards Bitcoin is that it is 'harmful' to the planet

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