Bringing a Unique Style To Work Can Lead To Success: The Experience Of a Professional Photographer Ashlee Krutzfeldt achieved success by doing what she is most passionate about

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Ashlee Krutzfeldt
Ashlee Krutzfeldt

Although Ashlee Krutzfeldt's life was far removed from photography, a beautiful coincidence led her to begin the journey toward what would be the rest of her life. It has been more than ten years since this enterprising woman made her way into the world of photography after a very close friend asked her to photograph her wedding, to save money.

Krutzfeldt, who had only touched a professional camera in high school and without very good results, decided to take the risk, not imagining that the results would end up making her fall in love with this profession. After discovering a hidden passion for photography and understanding the potential she had, she never again let go of her camera, now turned professional.

This woman has had an impressive international career, from recognized magazines in various corners of the world, such as Australia, Canada, and Europe, among others. She stands out in the United States for publications in Oxygen, Inside Fitness, Fitness Gurls, Fitness Mag, and Natural Bikini Magazine, in addition to photographing in competitions of fitness models, movie stars, Hall of Fame members, and many other prominent people.

However, her path has not been easy. Krutzfeldt has had to make her way in an industry that has been regularly dominated by men. This has given her a step above the rest, but also has allowed her to chart a path of goals that have been progressively realized. One of them was the creation of her business, AJKPHOTOGRAPHY.

Create a Unique Identity

For Krutzfeldt, establishing her style was one of her biggest challenges. Mainly because it was an industry where the female figure was in low demand. However, from the beginning, she decided to work on making a difference.

Previously, she worked as a waitress for a long time, which granted her indispensable knowledge in customer service. She applied the criteria to her new venture in photography. Combining her kindness, attention, and service with her knowledge in photography and the desire to do her job in the best possible way, she achieved great acceptance in a short time.

Ashlee began to see the results of her work soon after, when people booked up to six months in advance for a photoshoot. She says that having created a brand, establishing her style was the main element in attracting people to her work.

"You need to create that unique identity so that people will want to come to you for your uniqueness."

Knowing this, Ashlee has been able to impact the photography industry positively. People can distinguish her work from many others without seeing her name. That's what any business is all about: having the ability to be unique in one's style and bringing that to those who hire their service.

Take the Plunge to Achieve Your Goals

Although Ashlee was not thinking about becoming a professional photographer, finding this path allowed her to discover that it was her greatest desire. It was then that she decided to venture out to achieve her goals, and so she created AJKPHOTOGRAPHY.

This represented a great risk in her life, as she left her job to dedicate herself completely to growing as an independent entrepreneur. However, confidence in herself and the results she planned to achieve were key to motivating her on the way.

This represented her first adventure. But it was also a great learning experience, as she acquired an even greater responsibility that led to lessons in organization and even marketing, as she had to learn on her own how to highlight her brand.

She saw an opportunity in an industry where women did not dare to venture and decided to take the risk, because she knew she had everything she needed. Self-confidence was Ashlee's greatest power in setting out on her path to success.

Build a Team, You'll Need It

While many people feel comfortable working alone, this can be counterproductive, especially when one is focused on growth. In Ashlee's case, starting alone was not a problem. However, as her brand became more recognized, she found it very difficult to manage everything on her own.

The stress, pressure, and demands of her process made her sick. This made her understand the importance of building a team. She hired an assistant, who has become her right-hand woman.

"You can't build an empire on your own," says Krutzfeldt, who is currently surrounded by people in the industry, trying to learn and grow just as she has.

She emphasizes that making mistakes is fundamental to learning and achieving success, so she recommends those who wish to follow their paths to challenge themselves, with a mindset to keep learning.

Currently, this young woman is focused on her growth. Together with two partners, she is working on the creation of a talent agency in Los Angeles. She is also looking to expand in her area to other parts of the world.

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