How These Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting Music Distribution Despite many music distribution businesses on the market, many artists can't find a suitable distributor. However, Agam Jamwal and Frangiskos Schweizer have changed this with REWAVE, a revolutionary music distribution platform.

By Nelson Issac

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Agam Jamwal and Frangiskos Schweizer

Despite many music distribution businesses on the market, many artists can't find a suitable distributor. Most have their negative sides: inadequate support, slow service, or insufficient features. However, Agam Jamwal and Frangiskos Schweizer have changed this with REWAVE, a revolutionary music distribution platform.

REWAVE is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a music distribution business that helps artists and labels upload their music to digital streaming platforms and assists with marketing and playlist pitching to editorial playlists. REWAVE has a significant presence in Asia (India) and Europe (specifically Switzerland, Germany, and Austria).

One of the fields that REWAVE is taking a profound role in is the Indian music industry. Over the past few years, REWAVE has worked with some of India's biggest artists and labels. In addition, the platform has become the go-to distributor for up-and-coming artists. Its catalog ranges from songs with over 200 million views on YouTube to artists with over 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Some artists that have worked with REWAVE include Panther, Gravity, and Munawar Faruqui. Panther's release, distributed by REWAVE, was featured on India's biggest editorial Spotify playlists, "Taaza hai bro!" and "Dillihood." At the same time, Gravity was the finalist in the wildly popular MTV Hustle Season 2. In addition, Munawar Faruqui who won Lock Upp Season 1, and his song, distributed by REWAVE, reached number 12 on YouTube India. Apart from editorial playlists on Spotify, REWAVE has been featured on Apple Music's "The New India" and "New Music Daily '' and several other editorial playlists on multiple platforms.

REWAVE has established itself as a prominent music distributor in India by leveraging its solid customer support and building relationships with artists. By creating links and providing interactive support, REWAVE understands customer behavior and feedback while rapidly implementing updates.

In addition to expanding its presence in the Indian market, REWAVE is also committed to fostering Indian talent. One of the latest artists discovered and nurtured by REWAVE is Zind, a Punjabi artist. Zind's latest party anthem, "Whoola," which he produced, is a new fusion of powerful Punjabi vocals with a bouncy reggaeton/Latin beat. The combination has never been done before in this manner, and it's revolutionizing the industry.

Unlike most music distributors, REWAVE focuses on quality and delivering high-end service. "We decided to take on the challenge of creating a music distributor that focuses on quality, excellent service, and support. However, we never wanted to follow the industry trend of trying to make the distribution as cheap as possible and therefore sacrificing quality," note the REWAVE founders. Instead, the platform builds a premium service and a luxury distribution experience that ensures client satisfaction.

The company has 24/7 support over Instagram, a revolutionary step in the music distribution industry, ensuring a luxury distribution experience. To ensure the quality of its services, instead of charging for a yearly or monthly subscription and being able to upload unlimited songs, REWAVE offers a fixed price per release. However, there are special deals for artists with potential.

REWAVE's focus is to accomplish much more than just music distribution, marketing, and playlist pitching. Its aim towards the luxury distribution experience includes tapping into other industries and connecting the different aspects of the music industry, from fashion and events to jewelry. REWAVE's goal is to become a lifestyle brand. Follow REWAVE on its website and Instagram.

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