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The Keys To Success in E-commerce: The Vision of an Entrepreneur Mario Selva talks about his experience and teaches us how to overcome challenges an entrepreneur faces

By Amanda Lykes

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Mario Selva
Mario Selva

Dedication, determination and focus are essential elements to start any venture. However, experience and skill will also allow you to achieve greater enhancement on the way to your goals. In large part, this is what has marked the path of entrepreneur Mario Selva.

Selva is a 23-year-old with a remarkable track record in the online business world, which has been built by him. A recent college graduate with a degree in economics and business, Selva was inspired to study online marketing. In 2017, he started with this purpose. It is then when he discovered the potential of this area and focused on deepening it.

His interest led him to have his first business at Amazon FBA; a very productive experience with a great level of learning. However, he discovered that he depended too much on Amazon and decided to look for a facet that would allow him more control over his online business.

He continued his studies and training in skills that would allow him to polish his knowledge in this field. As a result, he discovered that he had made no mistake in choosing this path. Mario managed to generate $1.5 million with his first business in just 18 months with the dropshipping method.

Later, he decided to brand some products and create real brands. This is known as private labeling. Also, with the experience he gained in e-commerce, he had the opportunity to help other companies to climb into the digital world.

Aspects that make a difference

Selva has devoted himself full time to e-commerce. For him it is much more than just a marketing process, it is about what is behind the buyers' choices.

He emphasizes that his most distinctive aspect is to work with a kind of applied mathematics because he uses social media platforms for online marketing, analyzing their algorithms, and channeling his business.

"When you learn to use the basic rules of marketing and you can apply them online, taking advantage of the social media algorithm, you can reach virtually anyone."

Determination and direction

"The most important challenges when starting a career as an entrepreneur are the ones that have your mind," said Selva when talking about the challenges an entrepreneur can face. For him, problems are mandatory in every business, especially at the beginning. It is working on solving them that makes a difference.

He emphasizes that the determination not to give up on obstacles is essential to achieve any purpose within a business and that this will condition the success you can have along the way.

More than 50 per cent is the mentality

For Mario, more than 50 per cent of the business process and success corresponds to the mentality. He points out that this aspect allows him not to give up in the face of difficulties and to handle any situation as correctly as possible.

Remember where you come from

No matter where you're headed, Selva says it's essential not to forget where you're coming from, especially in difficult times. On the road, even though things tend to lighten up, it doesn't mean that difficulties disappear from time to time.

Remembering why and how you started on the path can bring greater clarity to when you make decisions or need ideas.

Work in a team

For this young entrepreneur in the union, there is strength and this is the secret to climbing a business. Creating a united team. But, also, he points out that automation is becoming more and more indispensable within this process.

"Only in this way can you be able to focus on some fundamental parts of the business and improve it even more. Working in the business." In this context, he assures that the fundamental requirement for hiring someone is to look for them to be as hungry for success as you are.

Learn from mistakes

Selva points out that it is possible to learn a lesson from every mistake, which means that failure, even if it is not pleasant, will always leave you with favorable experiences to rescue. He points out that it's better to make mistakes and have the opportunity to rectify them than to stay on the sidelines for fear of trying any action that will allow you to move forward.

Today, Selva continues to pursue his business in e-commerce full time. He points out that his greatest goal is to be recognized for doing things right and for the help he was able to give society from his position.

He advises new entrepreneurs to never give up and to keep their minds on the goal even in difficult times, "That's when you make a difference and you get pushed."

Amanda Lykes

Investor / Entrepreneur

Amanda Lykes is a passionate entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. She has mastered the art of customer acquisition, marketing, sales and how it relates to overall lifetime customer experience for many top experts, CEOs and influencers today.

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