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These CBD Gummies Are Full Spectrum And Flavorful These gummies result from ensuring that the formula itself meets the company's high standards

By Arpita Arya

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Here at CBD For The People, we don't release a product until certain that it can be the best option on the market. For years, our customers have been asking us why we've yet to introduce gummies to our product lineup, despite gummies being one of the most popular types of hemp products since cannabidiol first hit the scene years ago.

Well, our answer is simple. Our company has been spending years hard at work figuring out how to ensure that our gummies outshine the competition by being the most effective, delicious and high-quality options on the market.

And, at long last, we can finally introduce to you our Gummy NOIDS, which we can confidently say are unlike any other CBD gummies that you will find today. These gummies result from amazing dedication to ensuring that the formula itself meets our incredibly high standards.

What makes CBD FTP Gummy NOIDS the real deal?

CBD FTP Gummy NOIDS is the perfect way to consume hemp each day in edible form, and they have what it takes to give you the hemp experience you're looking for.

Full spectrum hemp: FTP Gummy NOIDS are made with full-spectrum hemp extract, which shouldn't surprise anyone who has been a customer of ours for a while. We only use full-spectrum hemp extract because research has shown that it is simply the best way to consume the hemp plant. Full-spectrum hemp naturally contains every naturally occurring chemical compound in the hemp plant's buds; each compound is incredibly useful in its way, playing an important role in delivering desirable properties to the body.

Full-spectrum hemp extract also offers the entourage effect, which has to do with the synergistic advantage of taking all of the compounds together at once. Full-spectrum hemp is generally more effective, as each compound boosts the bioavailability of the others through this natural synergistic process.

Dark and unrefined: CBD For The People believes that hemp should be unrefined and uncut, which is why we do not engage in all of the purification processes used by other companies. Purification sounds good in theory, but its real aim is to weaken hemp's natural taste and give it an attractive color to appeal to the masses more. These processes ultimately dilute the plant's chemical compounds and take away from the entourage effect.

Like our other products, these gummies are dark and unrefined, giving you a stronger hemp experience that is more likely to provide the results you're looking for. Overall, the processing is minimal so that you are experiencing hemp in a way that nature intended.

Vegan formula: The vast majority of hemp gummies on the market are non-vegan as they contain gelatin. We know that many of our customers are vegan, and we didn't want to exclude them from the ability to enjoy this product. Therefore, FTP is proud to introduce a fully vegan gummy formula that does not contain any animal-derived ingredients whatsoever.

Delicious flavors: A lot of our hard work went into developing the flavor of our CBD gummies. Because we use dark, unrefined hemp extract, our CBD is known for having a stronger, "planty' taste. Many customers love our products for this reason, as it makes them feel like they're getting more out of each dose. But, if one product is supposed to be appealing to the taste buds, it would be gummies.

We couldn't be prouder of the fact that our gummies are mouthwatering. We offer three flavors: watermelon, strawberry, and mango. Each one tastes exactly like biting into the real fruit, with the perfect level of sweetness and juiciness. You will be positively dazzled by the taste of these gummies, as they are the fruits (ha!) of painstakingly taste-testing recipes until we were satisfied with the result.

Multiple quantities: FTP Gummy NOIDS come in three distinct quantities according to bottle size so that you can select how many gummies to purchase at one time based on the unique nature of your hemp routine.

All-natural ingredients: Gummy NOIDS boasts an all-natural, plant-based formula because we believe that natural is always better. We do not use artificial flavoring or synthetically derived sweeteners that can make you think twice about taking these gummies daily. Mother nature provides us with the best ingredients, and we are happy to deliver some of the cleanest gummies on the market, period.

Lab-tested: Like all of the products offered by CBD For The People, NOIDS Gummies contain hemp extract that has been thoroughly tested by a licensed third-party laboratory, who works hard to carefully analyze each sample of our hemp to ensure that it has the perfect purity level, chemical composition, and general quality that our customers deserve. These lab reports are fully accessible on our website.

25mg per piece: Each gummy contains 25 milligrams of hemp per piece, which is the perfect incremental amount for someone who wants to experience hemp's effects throughout the day.

How to Take Our Gummy NOIDS

Gummies are a very user-friendly way to take CBD daily, as each piece contains the same amount of hemp extract. Beginners should start with one piece, and if new to CBD, consider taking your first dose at night so that you can see how the hemp makes you feel without having anything to do for a few hours.

The effects can take up to two hours to kick in, so try to be patient as the formula works its way through your body's digestive system.

Effects typically last for eight or so hours. You can take two gummies per dose if you feel that this will be more beneficial than your specific needs.

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