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This Entrepreneur Is Taking the World Of Investment By Storm As someone who started his entrepreneur journey all by himself, Michael Salomon has some good advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

By Manpreet Singh

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Michael Salomon

Michael Salomon is one of the topmost entrepreneurs globally. The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Banxso has achieved the milestones that most of the entrepreneurs can only dream of. And he has reached this stage thanks to his constant hard work, dedication, and the will to go all out when it comes to achieving goals.

Talking about his background, Michael is a B.Bus.Sc (Finance), B.Compt. (Honours) and CA (SA). He believes real-life business experiences and relationships carry far more importance in the market.

Banxso recently launched its new regulated FSCA Forex online trading platform which received encouraging feedback from industry critics and financial agencies nationwide. The headquarters are in Capetown and the target market is South Africa.

Banxso is enjoying great buzz all over thanks to its safe, secure, zero-commission trading on full and fractional shares. This is the reason, traders of all experience levels wasted no time in signing up, depositing, and trading on the platform from day one. Even after almost three months, the influx of new registrations is showing no signs of slowing down.

In a special conversation, Michael Salomon opens up about various aspects of his work and his journey so far. He also opens up about his future goals. Michael talks about his personal and professional journey so far and how exciting it was. The entrepreneur shares, "The life of an entrepreneur isn't what it looks like from the outside. People think it is about fancy dinners and golf but it is actually about a lot of sweat. Real sweat!"

He adds, "I always articulate it by comparing it with war movie scenes with the protagonist on their bellies in the mud in basic training. Barbed wire above, cutting your head. But, when we get to the end there is no better feeling."

Every successful person takes inspiration from someone or something in life. Similarly, Michael Salomon reveals what inspired him to change his life. He reveals, "My life isn't about necessarily chasing a perfect business. It's about looking for an opportunity (not a temptation because they often look similar) and then hunting it down. My philosophy is to avoid half-measures. Either 100 per cent or not at all. In this context, I couldn't choose a better business than Banxso. Best of breed in technology and technical platforms but more importantly customer-focused."

The thing about being an entrepreneur is every day is not the same for businessmen. The market is highly volatile right now due to several reasons. What are his thoughts on it? Michael shares, "We must understand that there is a new generation that is coming out of COVID with no legacy experience. From here they will see only growth."

Michael Salomon talks about the USP of business and says that he is in best of the breed as they provide the best platform and best cost structure. He adds, "But more importantly, we are a regulated entity. Looking after the hard-earned money of clients is front and center for Banxso. This manifests itself in our customer service. We have staff working 24/7 to ensure that customers' queries and issues are taken care of. At Banxso we consider our clients as humans and not numbers."

Entrepreneur Michael Salomon wants to make Banxso the best investment platform in the world. He started the venture with a mission of growth and success. So he has big plans for the company. About the same, he shares, "We want to have a staff of over 500 by the end of 2023. We want to be the best company in our industry in at least five countries by then."

As someone who started his entrepreneur journey all by himself, Michael has some good advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. When asked what message he would like to give to young people, he says, "A few things to start, you need to start. From there you need to work harder than the person next to you. After you have honed your skills, it's the hours you put in that matter. Wake up earlier than average. Start working earlier than the average."

He adds, "Take 10m less on the coffee break than the average. Same with lunch. And tea. Leave 30m after the average. The skills timed by the time will equal more success. It isn't complicated but it's hard. When you get over the line and see the rewards, there is no better feeling than that."

Well, Michael Salomon's clarity of thought is the reason the Banxso community is on a constant rise as it keeps on setting new standards in the regulated online trading market. Its advanced platform gives traders more variety in the tools and platforms they trade on.

With an aim to be relevant for many more years in the future, Banxso is in continuous development mode. In the near future, it plans to change the way people trade, one share at a time. With their proprietary trading platform, the broker proves that anyone can trade with the right resources, education, support, and tools. Banxso X is fast, powerful, and more intuitive than anything used by our trading predecessors.
Manpreet Singh

Co-Founder of Innoktats

Manpreet Singh is an Indian business executive and serial entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder of Innoktats, an India based NAS company. He has had the opportunity of working with many tech giants all around the globe especially Microsoft UK and Microsoft India as a tech evangelist. Manpreet is also highly recognized by other enterprises for his creativity, ideas and magic. He handles software, food tech, sustainable fashion, real estate sectors and holds contracts worldwide.


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