This Successful Entrepreneur Will Help You Achieve the Best Version of Yourself

Break down the barriers that limit success and reach your highest potential with the advice of the successful entrepreneur and speaker Mike Inc.

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Daring to transform your life, to go after your purposes is a risk that many choose to avoid. However, people like Mike Inc., have the determination and drive to leave the confines of an 8-hour job and strive for greater achievements in their lives.

Mike Inc
Mike Inc

He is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, community advocate, and one of the leading real estate investors under the age of 40. Mike Inc. has been on the road to achieving his goals for years. After earning his bachelor's degree, he attended medical school, a career he would later leave behind to pursue his passion for business.

However, Mike's story of success began much earlier. For many years, he shared a one-bedroom home with his large family, and the hard work, perseverance, and determination to move towards better conditions for him and his family was the first impulse he needed to set his sights high.

Years later, with experience and hard work, Mike's persistence paid off. An arduous process of learning, study, and even difficult facets that not only allowed for professional but also personal growth in the life of this entrepreneur.

Today, Mike has taken advantage of every opportunity to make the most of it. As an influential African-American entrepreneur, world-renowned speaker, mentor, and wealth coach, he has managed to fill dozens of scenarios with a resounding message of hard work, perseverance, and financial freedom.

His version of the American dream

Mike has not only been successful as an entrepreneur, but he shares his experience with others as a motivation to lead others on this same path. One of his biggest projects has been the founding of Newline Investors Capital, a venture capital firm, from which he provides advice to those who want to start their own business.

According to his description, the objective of this platform is to enable people to achieve "their own version of the American dream".

"As a millenarian, it is important for me to share the knowledge I have learned to help other millennials succeed outside of a 9-to-5 job," he said.

The entrepreneurial journey that Mike Inc. began at age 21, and which has not stopped for a moment, has yielded great results, for him and those who have decided to be part of the journey and transform their history.

Today, Mike's brand has reached over a million followers on social media. His content is based on promoting the creativity and innovation of people who are interested in his content and using these platforms as a window to achieve change.

Bringing out the best in people

An innate talent that few possess is helping others to see and be the best version of themselves. This is one of the great qualities of Mike Inc., he has managed differently, to encourage those who are afraid to stop depending on a salary and start reaching their highest potential.

The secret of his success? Persistence, charisma, and, above all, a sincere desire to help others achieve their goals. However, he stresses that the support of his mentors has been one of the greatest strengths that have led him to build his own business from scratch.

"My mentors were instrumental in helping me build a seven-figure business and I would advise anyone looking to become an entrepreneur, create multiple sources of income or start a business to create a group of mentors they can trust.

Discipline, first and foremost

As an entrepreneur and motivator, Mike emphasizes discipline as a key element. He assures that this and his base are what have kept him on track and willing to move forward even during storms and difficult times.

He assures that being and having a disciplined, consistent team is what makes it possible to achieve the most.

Believing in yourself

Mike highlights self-confidence as a core value to start on the path and stay on it. He assures that it is impossible to obtain results if you are not able to visualize yourself as a person of high potential, for this reason, he emphasizes that any action must be based on confidence and self-assurance.

Currently, Mike is working on his personal and professional growth. As well as the expansion of his brand. His closest goal is to help 20 people earn over a million dollars by 2022. Convinced in his process and in what others can achieve with determination, effort, and dedication.