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10 Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand in 2019 Here are all the key things to think about and implement in your business

By Suzanne Chadwick

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We all have that one person we follow online or in business. We read their books, watch their videos and listen to their advice. Why? Because they've got something special about them and they're not afraid to share it.

With the rise of the entrepreneur and even more so the solopreneur, we are focused on the person as well as the product and, at the end of the day, we want to know that we're buying from the right person. We don't just want to know who you are and what you do, we want to know what you believe in, what your values are, why you're doing what you're doing because at the end of the day we have a choice. In fact, too many choices. So the question is—what sets you apart?

Now you might be saying "personal brand isn't anything new", but the big shift is that there has never been a more critical time to understand how to build a stand-out personal brand and how to leverage it to build your business and brand. So what can you do to stand out? Here are 10 key things to think about and implement in your business right now.

Thought leadership

I don't know about you but everyone who I can think of, who really have a platform for what they talk about, are usually thought leaders. They aren't the same as everyone else. They have taken what they know, what they've learnt, their life experience and everything else and they are carving out a unique message. They are sharing their opinions, popular or not. Thought leaders are usually worried about being liked. All they care about is letting you in on what they consider to be absolute truth about their area of expertise.

What are you 100 percent passionate about when it comes to what you do and talk about? What are your unique thoughts based on everything you know and what you've experienced? How can you make what you do different or use what other people have learnt and bring it all together to position yourself as an expert in your field?

Brand story

Brand story is not only the story you share, it's the story your audience experience. There are so many elements to brand experience. It's the experience your customers have when they work with you, when they interact online through social media, it's every element of their connection with you but one thing that can help you build your personal brand is to let your audience become part of your story. Include them in what you're doing, take them on the journey with you (Instagram stories is perfect for this), talk about them to them when they share things with you. Making your audience part of your story creates engagement, connection and loyalty.

Do the work and show up

Wishing that you had a bigger audience, wishing that you had a stronger, brand doesn't happen unless you make the commitment to show up and do the big things. As the market gets busier and social platforms get louder, making the commitment to do the work and be there with original content makes all the difference.

Engaging with your audience and peers and continuing to do the work for the long haul and not just giving up after a short time is where success lies.

Build credibility

How can you connect, collaborate and build solid relationships with other leaders in your niche? Positioning yourself around your thought leadership and alongside others who stand out in your market (where you can) can provide you with valued exposure.

Claim your space

If you can find the platform that you enjoy being on and it doesn't feel like hard work and the platform where your clients hang out, then that is the sweet spot. Find that place where you can show up regularly and your audience and community know where to find you and engage with you. Getting to know the platform inside out and learning how to use it well with all the little tips and tricks means that you can maximize the platform and make the most out of it.

Create your anthem

Cutting through the noise and creating a statement that stands out and makes it clear what you do in 3 seconds or less is where the gold is. Start with one-two adjectives that describe what you give your clients and then a single noun that describes what you do.

Believe in your unique message

Getting clear and confident in your message, knowing what you stand for and wholeheartedly believe in it shows your passion.

Suzanne Chadwick

Founder and CEO, The Connection Exchange


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