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Using Influencer Status to Increase Aesthetic Medicine Promotion Influencer marketing is redefining digital marketing across various industries, including the beauty and wellness segment

By Preslee Marshall

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Preslee Marshall

According to American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine, aesthetics medicine is an umbrella term for the various medicinal procedures that improve the physical looks and satisfaction of a person by utilizing non-invasive to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The aesthetics industry has become a booming discipline that branches out beyond traditional dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Practitioners of all specialties have begun addressing their patients' aesthetic needs and concerns. These procedures offer to improve the physical appearance of those patients who are seeking them. The market is growing so rapidly that it is projected to reach $15.9 billion by 2025, up from the $9.4 billion approximated for 2020. This industry is one of the top 3 beauty and wellness trends that shall shape 2021.

Procedures offered by aesthetic therapists are not always considered medically necessary because the problems they address are not life-threatening for patients. For this reason, medical insurance isn't always inclined to cover the associated costs. Procedures are typically minimally invasive and require minimal downtime for the patient.

Many people who consider a cosmetic procedure look to social media to find the most reputable providers available. Social media gives the promoter of these providers a platform to showcase their talents and popularity.

Transparency in the aesthetics industry

Promoters of aesthetic medicine providers have a transparent marketing platform when they use social media. Why is there more trust from social media than a single ad promotion? Influencers are trusted on social media, and it is only natural to use these influencers to help boost branding.

There is a lot to be said about someone who reaches social influencer status. On Instagram, to be considered an influencer, the following criteria must be met:

  • Users have to have established credibility and audience presence on Instagram
  • They must be able to persuade others by being trustworthy and authentic with their audience
  • A large number of followers must be present, and the brand must create and employ a popular hashtag

Reaching influencer status means having the ability to drive more consumers toward the brand that is being marketed. When aesthetic medicine providers are a part of an Instagram influencer's campaign, they are in the spotlight faster than they might have been on their own. Because the influencer trusts the provider enough to promote them, the consumers' trust will follow.

Using influencer status to leverage brands

Using influencer status like Aesthetic Everything® to leverage the brands a company promotes adds value and trustworthiness. This is a unique role for an influencer, having the power to increase brand awareness by posting on social media platforms.

Moreover, it contributes to the overall content strategy content strategy of the brand. The picture/video created by the influencer can be shared on the digital platforms of the brand too. Such content is the perfect testimonial of the service provided by the brand. Posts are created with specific audiences in mind, allowing for influencers to target their audiences. The rule of leveraging brands on social media is to create the ads for the audiences you want to reach.

That is the definition of achieving influencer status on social media. As of October 2020, there were 500,000 active influencers on Instagram. Each of these experts and authority figure in their respective industries. The potential advertising reach on Instagram is estimated at 928 million users.

Why influencer marketing is important

Pairing with an influencer in any industry can help promote branding to the appropriate audience. Engagement with an audience is how brand awareness is created. Posts are created with specific audiences in mind and those influencers are chosen who embody the values and culture of the brand being promoted. Apart from brand awareness, influencer marketing also enhances brand reputation. This is why promoters of the aesthetics industry use social media influencer platforms to gain exposure for the brands they promote.

Take Aesthetic Everything® as an example. With 11 years in the industry, they are one of the largest networks of aesthetic professionals in the world. They are also amongst the top promotion sources for all information within the aesthetics industry.

They profile thousands of aesthetic professionals and companies that hold memberships, promoting them to over one million engaged social media followers: connecting device manufacturers, physicians and patients worldwide. Each year they host the glamorous Beauty Expo Trade Show and Celebrity/Media Red Carpet Awards. They are also the publishers of Beauty Wire Magazine, a subscription with over one million subscribers.

Role of Aesthetic Everything® in aesthetic medicine industry

Aesthetic Everything® is ultimately creating a platform of successful promotion for the aesthetic medicine providers who choose to align themselves with them. As an influencer, Aesthetic Everything® is a trusted expert in the areas they promote has exceeded one million impressions per month. It has an active beauty and aesthetics group, landing amongst the top in the industry on Instagram. It has been featured and mentioned on various websites and publications worldwide

For them, their yearly Expo, which is already slated for June 12, 2021, brings together hundreds of aesthetic professionals. These professionals come together in one location where thousands of connections can be made with one another.

In fact, various celebrities and media outlets have already confirmed their attendance at the yearly Expo. With the increasing reach and patronage, they have established themselves as an excellent example of successful leveraging of influencer marketing.. Using their gained respect in the industry and influencer status, they are poised to maintain a foundation that will keep them amongst the top in the aesthetics industry.

Influencer marketing was thus a norm that might have gone unnoticed before but can neither be denied nor be ignored by the marketing agencies of today's brands. From Netflix to Microsoft, and from Becca Cosmetics to Tinder, everyone is trying to catch their piece of the cake by working with the most relevant, relatable and reliable influencers from the industry. A professional help doesn't hurt further.
An avid traveller and a workaholic, Preslee is a promising figure in business advisory and consultancy

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