3 Beauty & Wellness Insights That Will Shape 2021

With beauty and wellness at the forefront of people's minds, Dr. Mohammed Alqahtani and Dr. Guillermo Alvarez expect 2021 to be an eventful year for the industry

By John Stanly

Dr. Mohammed Alqahtani and Dr. Guillermo Alvarez
Dr. Mohammed Alqahtani and Dr. Guillermo Alvarez

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The year 2020 has been a one wherein almost everything came to a standstill, and we're all looking forward to 2021. Everyone is looking to improve themselves in the coming year, especially when it comes to wellness. There's nothing as good as coming out of a pandemic while looking and feeling your best. Dr. Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani, a cosmetic surgeon, and Dr. Guillermo Alvarez Valdes, a bariatric surgeon, share insights on some of the beauty and wellness trends that will shape 2021.

Increasing awareness of beauty and wellness

The pandemic and the ensuing lockdown meant that people had lots of time to focus on themselves, and this introspection will carry into 2021.

According to Dr. Alqahtani, "There's an increased awareness for skincare amongst masses, as the lockdown extended people enough time to follow skincare regimes and understand their skin better. When it comes to beauty, more people are looking for skincare procedures that'll aid their minimal-makeup goals."

Wellness will also be a major thing in 2021, as people look to attain better physical and mental health states. "We will see more people working out at home and in gyms as the global population has realized the necessity of exercising and the importance of staying fit," notes Dr. Alvarez.

Rising demand for minimally-invasive procedures

Minimally-invasive and non-invasive procedures are among the most significant developments in recent years in healthcare. Dr. Alvarez has seen more of his patients ask for minimally-invasive practices.

"There's an increasing global demand for painless surgical procedures that come at lesser costs and reduce hospital stays after the operation," claims Dr. Alvarez. "More people now prefer minimally-invasive medical procedures owing to their higher accuracy and recovery rate."

This trend will also grow in aesthetics, as Dr. Alqahtani notes.

"2021 will see newer technologies like advanced lasers being used to give patients the looks they want without going through excruciating pain. We will have more nonsurgical cosmetic procedures like Botox and injectables done on an outpatient basis, besides other minimally-invasive procedures for sculpturing facial parts that have faster recovery time for patients."

Readiness to undergo medical procedures

Dr. Alqahtani shares, "The demand for medical procedures that enhance beauty and wellness has increased this year, pandemic notwithstanding. This means that in 2021 the demand will even be higher, as there's a growing acceptance among people."

"I've done more virtual consultations this year than ever before," adds Dr. Alqahtani.

Dr. Alvarez agrees and adds that "The public perception of bariatric surgery has slowly changed over the years – it has become more acceptable than it was before. Undergoing surgery for weight loss is not as frowned upon as it once was. More people are willing to have the procedure done to aid in their weight loss journey, and this won't be any different in 2021."

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