Wacky Startup Ideas that Made Millions in 2018

A sneak peek into some of last year's unique ideas that ended up minting money and winning awards

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Be it home-based work or a fancy store on the street, a startup idea can be a hit if the execution is right. You don't necessarily need a big investor or a fancy office to earn millions, a simple idea can be turned into an effective business.


For every creation or innovation that turns out to be a hit, there are countless others that fail miserably. However, there are plenty of incredibly simple inventions or seemingly obvious ideas that no one else had thought of that went on to make millions of dollars, making their creator fabulously wealthy for what seems like almost no work. Wondering what these ideas are? Here's a sneak peek into how some of the wackiest ideas ended up minting money and winning las year. Time to take notes.

Infographic by InstaReM