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G.I.F.T Program Unwrapped: Old City Media's Bold Reinvention of Retail and Experiential Marketing G.I.F.T. is a new paradigm in brand-consumer engagement, creating a win-win scenario for retailers and customers.

By Benjamin Jones

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The marketing landscape has shifted in the wake of the pandemic, reshaping consumer behavior, expectations, and priorities and giving rise to a new normal. Consequently, establishing connections between consumers and brands has gained heightened significance in the post-COVID era.

The G.I.F.T Program, aka "Giveaway Incentive for Future Transactions," is an innovative effort that seeks to narrow the gap linking brands, retailers, and consumers using lively pop-up activations. These activations include impromptu events or experiences that transform physical locations into lively hubs for brand promotion. This approach changes how companies interact with their target audience, providing a creative solution to marketing in challenging situations.

G.I.F.T. is a new paradigm in brand-consumer engagement, creating a win-win scenario for retailers and customers. Ray Sheehan, the Founder of Old City Media behind this initiative, introduces the program, stating, "The G.I.F.T Program is our response to the changing landscape of experiential marketing. It's a strategy that brings tangible benefits to brands, retailers, and customers simultaneously. When the customer wins, we all win."

How does the G.I.F.T Program Operate?

At its core, the G.I.F.T Program is an adaptable solution designed for brands seeking to connect with retailers and their customers. The program operates on a straightforward premise: brands establish displays at retail locations to engage customers, rewarding them with gift cards from the host location's business.

It's a modern approach to pop-up sales activation or brand roadshow, where the customer is prioritized.

The reward system, offering customers gift cards from the host location's business, epitomizes a win-win philosophy – customers leave satisfied, and companies foster positive connections. This cultivates a positive customer experience and fosters goodwill for the brand.

The G.I.F.T Program has achieved success across diverse retail landscapes, including supermarkets, big-box retailers, and local hardware stores. Its flexibility enables teams to engage in lead generation with consumers while simultaneously contributing to the revenue of retailers.

The initiation of the G.I.F.T Program in 2020 spotlights Old City Media's resilience in the face of industry shifts due to COVID-19. Faced with the uncertainty of events returning, the company developed a solution that kept its business going and changed how brands and retailers connect with consumers.

The success of this program is evident in numbers. Over the past three years, Old City Media has coordinated more than 35,000 pop-up activations across the United States and Canada. This extensive reach highlights the program's effectiveness in getting the brand's message to its target audience.

Looking Forward: Old City Media's Vision

As we peer into the future, Old City Media envisions the G.I.F.T Program as a catalyst for positive change in the marketing landscape. Ray Sheehan concludes, "Our vision extends beyond transactions; it's about creating meaningful connections. The G.I.F.T Program is just the beginning of our commitment to innovative, customer-centric marketing solutions."

In unwrapping the layers of the G.I.F.T Program, it becomes evident that Old City Media reinvented retail and experiential marketing; they've redefined the rules of engagement, establishing a model where everyone involved emerges as a winner.


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