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Meet a Visionary Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur M. Patrick Carroll is a vertically integrated owner and operator of more than 75 multifamily properties worth nearly $10 billion

By Shishir Jajoo

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M. Patrick Carroll is the Founder and CEO of CARROLL, a vertically integrated owner and operator of more than 75 multifamily properties worth nearly $10 billion. As the CEO, Carroll has successfully piloted his organization throughout its tenure, leading the organization through two financial crises (the 2008 housing crisis and the Covid pandemic) to continue ensuring high-yield returns for worldwide investors. Carroll's sound investment knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to successfully take measured risks have been major factors in helping CARROLL become a national leader in the real estate investment industry.

Carroll, a Tampa native, began investing in real estate in 2004, initially getting his start in single-family homes and development. When the housing crisis began in 2008, Carroll saw a shift developing in the market and made an adjustment to be ahead of the trend. Carroll anticipated a rise in multifamily demand as part of the crisis, so he exited his single-family investment and took a strong position in multifamily.

His shift in strategy proved to be successful, as M. Patrick Carroll and his namesake company, CARROLL, have acquired nearly $10 billion in assets across the Sun Belt region since 2010. An underserved region at the time, Carroll saw a big opportunity in the long-term earning potential of the Sun Belt. Initial investments in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina helped cement Carroll's investment strategy and continue to be tent pole states for his firm's portfolio.

When the Covid pandemic struck, Carroll relied on the same investing fortitude from 2008 to help navigate the uncertain real estate landscape.

Carroll, again, predicted a shift in market behavior, driven by the changing economic tides of the pandemic. Carroll stayed diligent to the fast-growing and pro-commerce cities of the Sun Belt region, maintaining that businesses and their workforces would slowly migrate out of the crowded Gateway markets.Plus, Carroll knew that people would be looking for more space and broader on-site amenities after spending more than a year in a pandemic-confined world.

Predictably, the Sun Belt continues to see an influx of new residents and businesses since the start of the pandemic.

Carroll and his firm also benefited from an increase in single-family homes that decreased supply, while lumber prices hit an all-time high – stymieing starts on single-family construction. More and more people have turned to multifamily to combat the high prices, but also for the increased freedom of a temporary residence.

As a result of diligent investing and leadership, CARROLLcontinues to produce high yield returns for the organization and its investors. Carroll's insistence on a data-driven approach enables his team to find value where others cannot, which is a big benefit to today's investors.

Outside of the real estate industry, Carroll is also an angel investor in early stage technology companies. As a self-made entrepreneur himself, Carroll is a mentor for other entrepreneurs and encourages them to take risks and bet on themselves.

Beyond his investing, M. Patrick Carroll is very proud of his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved with more than 250 charitable organizations throughout the years, with a true passion for helping fight homelessness in Atlanta. Carroll also has a focus on charities that help children, with a personal goal of helping kids understand and execute on economic opportunities.


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