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This Real Estate Firm Continues To Make Dubai the Top Destination For Global Investors As the founder of Rozella Real Estate, Mohammad Hamza has quickly established himself as a major player in the growing luxury market of Dubai

By John Stanly

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Mohammad Hamza is the founder of Rozella Real Estate, a luxury real estate broker based in the heart of Dubai. Over the last five years, he has established his company as one of the premier real estate agencies in a country known for luxury. He has found success by focusing his efforts on creating innovative and consistent investment opportunities for global investors. His goal is to help establish Dubai, and his company, as one of the top destinations for investors around the world. As the founder of Rozella Real Estate, Hamza has quickly established himself as a major player in the growing luxury market of Dubai.

Certainly, Hamza's success is largely due to his ability to understand the real estate market and build a network of major players in the real estate industry. However, he also owes part of his success to his previous experiences. Before launching his company, Hamza had worked his way from receptionist to CRM executive for Damac properties, one of the largest real estate holding companies in Dubai and throughout the region. There, he learned how to manage large accounts, communicate with high-level clients, and, of course, he learned the vast opportunities that Duabi offered for real estate investors. "My experience at the highest levels of the real estate business have shown me the immense opportunities for global investors." Combining all of his knowledge and experience, he is now dedicated to helping his clients to live the life of their dreams. Whether moving to Dubai or investing in one of the most luxurious markets to grow their wealth, Rozella Real Estate is committed to helping its clients achieve their goals. With a dominant presence in most of the affluent communities and developments in Dubai, Rozella's holdings include properties with the most established Dubai developers DAMAC, Emaar, Sobha and more in: Dubai Downtown , Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah, Creek Harbor, Business Bay, Dubailand and Mayden; the upcoming 'New Downtown'.

Because they are dedicated to the satisfaction of their clients in every area of their life, Rozella has a unique set of offerings and services that they offer. While many companies are focused on a specific niche within the real estate industry, Rozella Real Estate seeks to meet all of the real estate needs of its clients. Recently, he has revealed several new services that will further serve his global clientele.

Global investments

Rozella's goal is to attract investors from around the world. Recognizing that most of their clients will not have the time or desire to constantly check on their properties, they have created a strong and innovative portfolio management team for their clients. By combining a consistent and high return with superior management, their portfolio management service is the perfect option for anyone looking to build or expand their current investment holdings. Their team is purposefully led by a team of diverse and highly trained analysts and managers that are just as passionate about serving their clients and helping them to grow their investment portfolio. Rozella's team handles market area study, payment schedules, bank assessments and portfolio management – all with a guaranteed ROI.

Life Set Up

If you have ever moved, you understand the headache that often comes with it. Now imagine that, but you are crossing international borders. Rozella recognizes that while Dubai is extremely attractive to buyers from around the world; there are also many headaches and challenges that come with moving to a new country. Through its LIfe Set Up Service, Rozella strives to ensure a smooth and simple move to Dubai. "The things that can take years to get set up when making an international move happen in a blink of an eye – keeping your business, and family happy while moving forward with your move." Everything from visas to banking, schools, bodyguards, vehicles and setting up business will be expedited by the Rozella Real Estate Team. By packaging all of these services together, Mr. Hamza looks to remove the stress that is associated with relocating internationally and provide their clients with a seamless integration to their new home.

Property Loss

Investing is one of the fastest ways to create long term wealth. Until something goes wrong. The truth is that sometimes things do go wrong. The best laid plans can be upset by global pandemics, family emergencies, natural disasters or any number of things that cause an unexpected change to the financial situation of businesses and individuals. Rozella experienced this first hand. Just like many companies, the pandemic drastically affected the way that they did business. Fortunately, with quick thinking and a pivot of strategy, the company was able to protect its holdings and the holdings of its clients from an unrecoverable loss. Hamza and his team realized the importance of having qualified and dedicated assistance in dealing with a potential property loss. Taking what they learned, they are now providing this as a service for their clients. If one of their clients needs assistance dealing with a sudden loss in capital, family and medical emergencies or other life changes that result in a loss, Rozella is now offering a solution. With services including business consultations, mortgage services, property liquidation and other preventive measures, Rozella is more than able to assist their clients - even through uncertain times.
John Stanly

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