How Tech Is Helping Orchestrate One-man Marketing Teams

Some of these startups have only one or two people managing their marketing operations

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Dara Israel
Yoel Israel, Founder & CEO, WadiDigital

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When we look at certain bootstrapped SaaS startups, we are able to see how effectively they are distributing their messaging and achieving sufficient brand awareness. The thing is, some of these startups have only one or two people managing their marketing operations; how can this be? With the constant need to outrank your competitors on search engines and target relevant prospects with PPC and a million other things? Well, this is where tech comes to the rescue.

The Rise of No-code SaaS

No-code is used to describe software that doesn't require any coding knowledge to create. This type of software has been around for a while, but only recently have we seen a boom in no code SaaS products. This trend is mainly attributed to the rise of startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for cheaper and easier ways to build their products. There are many known examples of this, such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Storycards. Modern marketers utilize no-code platforms to produce marketing materials without the need for a developer or an editor. For example, using platforms such as Storycards, marketers are able to easily create engagement products without the need to hire a professional. This is why no-code software is valuable because it helps democratize certain skills and abilities that would have cost sufficient money for delicate budget marketers.

Social Distribution Tools

Social media platforms are the most effective way to distribute content. They are not only suitable for sharing content but also for developing a strong following and building a community. While it is essential to be active on all social platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, it is also very time-consuming. Thankfully, today multiple platforms help distribute content in a click-of-a-button to all social media platforms simultaneously. Platforms like Hootsuite let you cross-post content easily and even schedule content upfront. Nowadays, you can also distribute your live streaming to multiple channels at the same time; platforms like evmux Let you do just that. All these very advanced software Solutions help save valuable time and resources for marketers. If once you needed to hire a recording studio and several producers, today there are highly beneficial software that is cost-effective and built for productivity.

Automation Tools

Automation tools are used to automate workflows and make the process more efficient. They are usually built for a specific purpose, like email or LinkedIn automation. Using automation tools, marketers are able to save time and effort while removing some of the barriers small marketing teams have in compared to large agencies with lots of budgets. This, in a sense, is also helping further democratize online marketing.

Marketing Community Platforms

Marketers and entrepreneurs can find a supportive community of like-minded individuals and mentors to help them grow their businesses. The main objective of these communities is to provide a safe space for people to share their stories, connect with others, and learn from each other. This helps speed up the learning curve for many marketers, as well as get a sufficient amount of data before starting out an advertising campaign. With tight budgets, it is very difficult to test out certain ads; community platforms like Indie hackers or Reddit are highly beneficial for smaller marketing teams. These communities are also a great place to do growth hacking for your products, as well as gain feedback upfront.

"Marketing communities are best when they are smallest. The challenge with most marketing communities is that they are too broad, and often ideas shared in them are not applicable to most other businesses, instead of joining Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Slack channels, Discords, etc. It is best to make a small group of people who are marketers at similar companies and who share similar objectives. Better to go deep than wide when it comes to a community to lean on," said Yoel Israel, Founder & CEO of Wadidigital, a leading B2B marketing agency.

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