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This New Digital Identity App Reaches Top 100 Charts in App Store LinkMe has redefined the way the world connects with one another by compiling all social media accounts into one place

By Darby Jones

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Since the start of the pandemic, nearly everything has been fully digitized. From work and education to even ordering at a restaurant, society cannot seem to get away from a screen. Due to this new reality, digital identity technology is a newer market that has blossomed over the past two years. Digital identity solution market revenue worldwide is expected to reach 49.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2026, nearly doubling the amount in 2020, per Statista.

As the world goes completely digital, it is becoming more and more common to need to prove identity, whether it be to vote, attend a concert or dine in a restaurant. Digital identity app LinkMe is making sharing information easier than ever. The app has redefined the way the world connects with one another by compiling all social media accounts into one place, eradicating the tedious task of having to shuffle through multiple apps to share information with someone else.

LinkMe generates a unique QR code for each user, allowing users to quickly scan the code and be completely connected in a matter of seconds. Users are able to choose exactly which information they would like to share with the person — perhaps they want to share all social media accounts with one person, but only one or two with another. The QR code can be scanned from more than six feet away, making the process of socializing during a global pandemic safer than ever.

The concept for this revolutionary tech start-up came from the brand's co-founders Net Kohen and Val Share. The pair were working on a project together and found themselves wasting valuable time having to share phone numbers and Instagram profiles over and over. "Val and I noticed that It takes a very long time to share all the platforms you're on," says Kohen. "We created LinkMe so you could share every platform you're on and all your information in seconds."

The app also has location capabilities that show the exact spot users connect, which eliminates the delayed feeling of seeing a new number in your phone and not being able to remember where you met them. "We believe connecting and sharing should be simple. LinkMe bridges the gap between all your profiles. Think of LinkMe like the Panama Canal, but for every platform you use," added Kohen.

In addition to the information sharing services, LinkMe also has its own social networking capabilities where users can interact with one another through the "Shout' feature, which is thought to be somewhat of a combination of Snapchat and Twitter. Over the past two years, it has been especially difficult to connect with others. However, platforms such as LinkMe are helping people all over the world feel connected with others, and the app even recently reached the top 100 charts in the App Store.


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