What's Your Dream Gadget?

We asked some entrepreneurs about their dream gadget and got interesting answers.

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By Pooja Singh


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Technology is fast evolving, making the impossible possible. It has brought about ease of living in our lives through various communication tools, apps, gadgets etc. We asked some entrepreneurs about their dream gadget and got interesting answers.



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We will go for a robot that prepares meals at our workplace in an instant based on our different personal culinary preferences.
Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


My dream gadget is already a reality: the Bedtime app. I put in long hours at work. With Bedtime, I can keep track of how many hours of consecutive sleep I am getting, since rest is my secret weapon for productivity.
Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


A smartphone that comes with a small chip lodged in my stomach, which measures my nutrient and water intake and sends me live recommendations to optimize my body.
Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


Robot lawn mower. Fortunately, there are a few that are now coming on to the market. It would be great to see prices become more accessible as competition heats up.
Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


A device that can scan the condition of your body and provide a solution if something is wrong or hurt. It can give recommendations on what you should eat, treat, or when you should go to the doctor.
Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


Something that can help me fix my sleeping posture. I tend to sleep on my side and it isn’t good for me - not only causing shoulder soreness, but also wrinkles.
Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


A gadget that can alter a person’s taste buds and make any food taste like their favorite. This will ensure that we can eat bland or healthy food, and yet feel that we are indulging ourselves in the tastiest gourmet meals.
Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


My dream gadget is teleportation device from Star Trek, it could help in,

  • Any place anytime within seconds – Omnipresent in the real sense of the word – good for customer support
  • Optimized and unlimited travel to build business – Cheap travel option better than budget airlines
  • Effective Geo expansion support device – Be able to go where no Man has gone before.

With inputs by Nidhi Singh and Komal Nathani.

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