5 Strategies That Helped Me Create a Global Love Coaching Business From Germany Why playing on your strengths and leading with results can help any local business get global fame online!

By Sami Wunder

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Do you want to build a global business with international clientele while living in Europe? Does the thought of it feel scary or challenging or even impossible? Here's how I built a seven-figure, global company in just three years while living in Germany and being a wife and mum!

At www.samiwunder.com, we currently have clients from more than 30 countries and an audience outreach of more than 50,000 with the majority of our clients coming from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Scandinavian countries. Even though I am stationed in Germany, it does not figure on the list of our top audience generating countries.

Here are five things that have helped me create this kind of global impact in a short amount of time:

1. Lead with results.

I cannot emphasize this enough but you have to be good at your craft and get your clients real results if you want to go global and have a long-term impact and sustainability in your field.

The online space has become immensely competitive and new coaches are springing up like mushrooms from all directions. In such an environment, if you're not good at what you do, the word will spread, sooner or later.

Hence, leading with results and ensuring that you deliver what you promise is the first thing you need to have in place, before going global.
Check in with yourself with the following questions: Can I deliver what I promise to? Do I invest time and money in perfecting my own craft and skills to be able to truly help my clientele?

Client success was and is at the heart of my company success. We have facilitated 124 engagements for our single clients (as of March 2019) and saved more than 90 marriages from falling apart in the past three years alone.

Each of our clients have gone out and brought in 10 more clients. We do not rely on referrals alone anymore as a seven-figure company but it was the game changer at the start.

2. Stick to your strengths.

I stuck to English as my primary language of work even though it was scary to do so at first. I was based in Germany and it felt like a huge disadvantage to not be able to acquire clients locally. However, I knew that I would not be able to effectively support them in the German language, given a fair assessment of the medium level of proficiency I possessed in it.

Relationship and dating coaching can be extremely nuanced and emotionally deep work. While doing this kind of transformational work, it is important to fully get what my client is saying and they need to be able to understand me.

Hence, even though it felt like the most irrational choice at that point, I chose to stick to English and play with my strengths. The bright side to this was that it pushed me to sharpen my online strategy very early on. From day one, online was the only place I was building my business and spreading my message.

It started by first setting up a simple Facebook business page, a Facebook group, an email list on a website, then a Youtube channel, all in that order. On these platforms, I gave away tons of free content to help people see that they were indeed in interaction with a relationship expert who had solutions to the struggles they were facing in their love lives.

3. Hire a team.

As the clientele grew and the word spread, so did the work and responsibility on my shoulders. I realized that if I wanted to focus on my zone of genius (content creation and relationship coaching), then I had to hand over the admin tasks to someone else.

Within four months of my business, I hired a technical assistant and website expert. Since all the work was online, these people took over tasks such as updating blog posts, answering customer emails and queries and designing graphics. This gave me the time, freedom and space to focus on serving my clients.

4. Offer group programs online.

At first, I had a lot of resistance to providing online group coaching programs for my clients. Maybe you think the same way. I did not believe that women would get as much value from group coaching as they get by working one on one with me.

Hence, I only stuck to one-on-one coaching in the first year. While the work did wonders to those that I did serve, it reduced my impact to those handful of women I could take on privately. After all, I am a mum and wife and there are only six to eight working hours in a day.

However, with time I realized that this was just a limiting belief of mine. Women get so much more out of group coaching programs because they have community support on them and don't feel alone anymore in their journeys. They also learn a lot from each other´s journeys.

Offering group support was another game changer in going global. Last year alone, I served around 150 premium clients and helped so many more women move forward and create happiness and love in their lives.

For example, right now in my Inner Circle group coaching program for singles, we have women from the U.S., India, U.K., South Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, Mexico, India, Sinagapore, Hong Kong, Columbia and many more!

5. Embrace a long-term growth mindset.

This is my only woo-woo secret to big growth and global presence. If you're a coach or healer and want to offer your gifts to the world, you've got to let something bigger than you drive you.

It is not a perfect or rosy road to success and there will most likely be many hiccups on the way. I also felt like giving up many times but in those moments, my own fire and desire to spread my message of love empowerment and impact millions of women on the planet did not let me give up.

My desire was greater than my fears. This is where embracing a long-term mindset helps.

You will survive and thrive if you´re not in it for quick gains but for long-term success. A long-term growth mindset also includes remembering that your customers are human beings with real pain, desires and emotions and should not be treated just as a number on your sales book.

Lastly, long-term growth mindset includes ultimate self-belief in times of hardship: remembering that you do have a gift that the world needs, as Marie Forleo said.

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Sami Wunder

CEO & Founder of www.samiwunder.com

Sami Wunder is a global dating and relationship expert who helps high-achieving women attract their dream relationship without sacrificing success. Sami´s been hailed as the "Get the ring" coach by the BBC London and Daily Mail.

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