5 Books You Should Read to Expand Your Knowledge of European Political Economics and Trade

If you're interested in politics, finance and travel, check out these books.

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Entrepreneurs should focus on knowing all they can before starting or expanding their businesses. These five books will help you grow your knowledge of the European market and economic trends.

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Rethinking Europe's Future by David P. Calleo

One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for 2002, this is an extraordinary book that focuses on the bigger picture. It is a treat for anyone interested in European political science, from economics, history to philosophy, written in clear language.

Fractured Continent: Europe's Crises and the Fate of the West by William Drozdiak

An accurate and thorough analysis of the chaos in Europe. It details each country's challenges and how they got there. Drozdiak uses his vast experience and long career to cleverly focus on the socio-economic and political problems faced by the troubled continent. It proves to be the best summary of Europe for the past decade. It's an easy read with systemic solutions to the problems and their effects if left unattended. The Financial Times selected "Fractured Continent "as one of the best books of 2017.

The Euro: How a Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe by Joseph Stiglitz

This is a great book to appreciate the workings of the financial world. It provides stunning knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the policymaking behind the continent's finances. In the book, Stiglitz identifies the issues and details potential solutions for the problems with the Euro.

Adults in the Room: My Battle with the European and American Deep Establishment by Yanis Varoufakis

A standout among the best political histories of the 21st Century. In it, the former minister of financial affairs of Greece depicts his short stretch in the office. The book gives important bits of knowledge into what unfolded in European capitals when Greece went bankrupt and the destiny of the Euro and the EU remained in a precarious situation.

Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe by Kapka Kassabova

A gripping adventure, this book is surprising and instructive. It accounts for the territory between Bulgaria and Turkey, focusing on its people's survival as the towns and individuals move to Democracy from the Cold War. Kassabova beautifully mashes travel, personal and historical details to balance all the secrets and unexplainable events that took place in this region.