Surya Prakash Singh and Sparsha Mallipeddi

Co-Founders of YOWILL.LIFE

Surya Prakash Singh and Sparsha Mallipeddi co-founded YOWILL.LIFE, a company dedicated to protecting and transferring the digital and personal legacy of loved ones.


Starting a Business

Ecommerce in Germany: What You Need to Know to Start Your Business

Follow these steps to smoothen your ecommerce operation.


Compliance with European Law by Online Businesses

Not only national laws, you have to follow European laws as well.

Science & Technology

How to Prevent Data Loss Due to Natural Calamities

According to the European Environmental Agency, the heatwave in 2003 led to a loss of EUR 15 Billion.

Money & Finance

5 Books You Should Read to Expand Your Knowledge of European Political Economics and Trade

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Growing a Business

Why the European Startup Scene Lags Behind the U.S. One

Despite Europe's progress, there are changes that need to be made.

Thought Leaders

5 European Movies and Shows That Will Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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