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5 European Movies and Shows That Will Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Spirit If you are an entrepreneur, you can thoroughly relate to these films.

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Setbacks are inevitable on an entrepreneurial journey. Even the most successful people run into obstacles. There might be moments where your work doesn't end up as planned or you get hammered by unsatisfied clients.

That's why it's vital to continue to be inspired and motivated. One of the best mediums to inspire you are movies and TV shows. Here are a few European films and shows that entrepreneurs can relate to and learn from:

1. Coco Before Chanel

The story of Coco Chanel's rise from an orphan child to an immense triumph in the fashion world is the ideal journey of an entrepreneur. She had humble beginnings as a performer yet dreamed big. Throughout her journey, she picked up odd jobs but remained stubborn with the hunger to accomplish big things. She started off designing hats and eventually took over the fashion world.

2. Intouchables

Inspired by real events, this story emphasizes the significance of learning from others while making the best of little and to live in the moment. Intouchables is a story of a wealthy man called Philippe whose life takes a downturn after a paragliding accident that bounds him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He finds hope and happiness after he meets his caretaker, Driss, who is always happy. Philippe transforms from "no women will ever love me" to an "I can do anything" mindset by the end of the story.

3. La Casa de Papel

Spanish drama Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) is the most watched foreign series on Netflix. It is an explosive action thriller with slick planning and execution. It is perfect for entrepreneurs for curating their business plan (their heist, per se), recruiting employees and training them and executing the plan and controlling an adverse situation.

4. The Chorus

One of the most acclaimed movies at festival circuits is the story of a kind headmaster who transforms a sullen boarding school by forming a choir that infuses discipline and manners among students while tackling bullying and boredom. It is a great example for emerging entrepreneurs on how they can handle their employees during disarray and lead from the front. It is a triumphant effort in understanding the concerns of your subordinates and diligently finding solutions.

5. Bicycle Thieves

Hailed as one of the greatest movies ever made, this 1948 Italian classic centers around a struggling father (Antonio), who loses the bicycle he depends on for his job. He embarks to find it with his son. It beautifully sheds light on the brutal challenges faced by the common man. It is a perfect example of an unfiltered reality that is sometimes required for entrepreneurs since the path is not always merry.

Surya Prakash Singh and Sparsha Mallipeddi co-founded YOWILL.LIFE, a company dedicated to protecting and transferring the digital and personal legacy of loved ones.
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