Gaurav Goel

Co-founder of TopRankers

Top Rankers is a Bengaluru-basedonline test preparation portal that enables students to prepare for competitive exams through an innovative platform. It offers simulated tests and comprehensive study materials for all candidates appearing for examinations in the field of banking, law or government sector, acting as their personal tutor.

The company was registered in 2014 by Mr. Gaurav Goel, in partnership with Mr. Malay Sarkar, Mr. MehbubHussain, Mr.HarishGoswami and Mr. Himanshu Joshi. With Internet and Communication Technology rewriting the rules of education, classrooms are no longer enclosed within four walls, and the abundance of information made available for students these days can no longer be confined within the few 100 pages of textbooks. Therefore, sensing these tidal changes and driven by a righteous desire to give quality education services to students , Gaurav Goel tapped into the digital education space and created Top Rankers.

Top Rankers offers a wide range of services by customizing the dynamic patterns of various exams. It provides mock tests for students tosharpen their skills while simultaneously working with study notes. Additionally, they can also ask for help from mentors to polish their basic foundation on a subject and/or clear their doubts about any topic. Furthermore, the All India mock test that this portal offers can give students a rough idea about the format and types of questions asked on such competitive exams, giving them ample time to prepare.Students can also access these services and accelerate their pace of preparation from anywhere in India, regardless of their location.

The enterprise began operations with business capital worth INR 4.5 Crores, which was raised via Ideation Initiative Pvt. Ltd. and Careernet consulting. Top Rankers went through rigorous development for a period of almost 18 months prior to the official launch of its BETA version in April, 2016.



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