Hamid Baig


Mr Hamid Baig, is an Entrepreneur who has made his foray into the beautiful world of words through his well-received debut novel, Little Maryam.

A poignant tale of love and longing, Little Maryam talks about a man and his tryst with Maryam, the love of his life. What prompted him to write such a mesmerizing novel, was the lack of quality love stories in the market. Steeped in erotica and insane prose, the present day love stories stand on inferior grounds, making Little Maryam a gem in the crowd. Being loved/ to love is one of the basic necessities of human existence and the crux of Little Maryam has been derived from that. Through Little Maryam, Hamid wants to depict a honest picture of love so that people can view the reality of pain and longing.

Hamid is a multifaceted person, running a successful market research company, apart from dabbling with the pen. Hamid had a knack for penning short stories at a very young age, with love for words being the driving factor. He enjoys penning good character-driven stories, with his penmanship delving into the myriad emotions of existence



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