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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Pen Down Their Experiences It is important for entrepreneurs to share experiences and insights, to create an engaging atmosphere for both consumers and the organization to grow and thrive

By Hamid Baig

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A penny for thought is worth a great lot, as writers often proclaim at abundance. And why not, as of late, the written form of expression has gathered a larger storm, especially amongst the business class. This is a very important development as entrepreneurs and leaders who venture into the world of literary greatness, tell their story. Going beyond just the emotional and vulnerable aspect of penning down one's thought- the trials and tribulations, the strengths and weaknesses, there is a tactical victory in letting words speak volumes. Narrating personal stories, writing motivational content or just sharing your strengths and weaknesses work beyond emotion, empathy and builds a sense of connection, in the following ways:

Helps You in Establishing as a Brand

In this current scenario of things, it is essential for any successful business to establish itself beyond the conformity, as an eye-catching brand. And everyone knows that it is in our hands to change the direction of the mass- with a few ingenious tools by our side. With your own set of memory/ help book, you can establish and brand yourself the way you want all to perceive you, as. This creates saleability as clients rush to your side to avail your brand's offerings.

Reflect Back and Learn

Reflection is the hallmark of a true entrepreneur, who knows when to pause and think of what he/she has achieved and how can it help you reach the ultimate goal. After all, we are only human and it is common to lose sight while traversing the path of success. While penning down your book, you are bound to develop a deep understanding of how far you have come. You'll trace out the journey, recollecting the highs and retrospecting the lows, while you automatically gain an insight on the upcoming steps to take, in order to retain an edge over the competition.

Builds Your Name as an Industry Expert

Visibility and consistency is the name, as competition thickens the plot up. Everyone is vying for valuable attention and it is you who can command a semblance in this chaos, by developing yourself as a thought leader. To boost yourself up to that stage, you need to pen down your thoughts for others to follow. The visibility gained will be incomparable and in the long run, you establish yourself as an expert in the area of which you are dealing with your products. Then people will seek your advice on what to expect in that particular industry, where you will be viewed as a visionary ideator and creator of the incomparable.

Inspire Others to Strive for More

As entrepreneurs, one holds an important task of being a reflection of the success so that people can derive knowledge and drive for. It is important to debunk the fascination towards complacency and promote hunger as the key for success. And as a common rule, we look towards the people who are above us, as guides and mentors in this path. There is nothing more beautiful or satisfying to inspire and empower people to better themselves and the purpose of penning down thoughts serves it well. Through writing down our experiences today, we're able to share them with others when they need inspiration most.

Books Turn Attention into Money

All this attention would only turn successful if it results in greater traction. It is obvious that attention is a metaphysical thing but let us not forget the importance of money, in the first place. A book is that multi-purpose marketing tool which creates attention and churns out a multitude of potential in terms of growth and advancement. A book launch can lead to opening up of various avenues - including coaching classes, television gigs, motivational meetings and so on, creating new possibilities.


It is important for entrepreneurs to share experiences and insights, to create an engaging atmosphere for both consumers and the organization to grow and thrive. As we progress towards a world of seamless connectivity, it is a stellar idea to give consumers and compatriots a glimpse of your acumen, and why you mean business, to set the tone straight.

Hamid Baig


Mr Hamid Baig, is an Entrepreneur who has made his foray into the beautiful world of words through his well-received debut novel, Little Maryam.

A poignant tale of love and longing, Little Maryam talks about a man and his tryst with Maryam, the love of his life. What prompted him to write such a mesmerizing novel, was the lack of quality love stories in the market. Steeped in erotica and insane prose, the present day love stories stand on inferior grounds, making Little Maryam a gem in the crowd. Being loved/ to love is one of the basic necessities of human existence and the crux of Little Maryam has been derived from that. Through Little Maryam, Hamid wants to depict a honest picture of love so that people can view the reality of pain and longing.

Hamid is a multifaceted person, running a successful market research company, apart from dabbling with the pen. Hamid had a knack for penning short stories at a very young age, with love for words being the driving factor. He enjoys penning good character-driven stories, with his penmanship delving into the myriad emotions of existence

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