Kartik Bajoria

Writer, Educator and Moderator

A New York Film Academy alumnus, Kartik Bajoria is intimately versed with aspects of film-making. But soon his passion for teaching won over;  now, he holds workshops on creative writing and personality development at various schools. 


Growth Strategies

How Entrepreneurs Can Amplify Their Powerful Speeches?

If you as an entrepreneur really want your speech to rise above being a mundane report, inspire and move people, jolt them, there has to be some flair to it


Employability-Based Education System with Entrepreneurial Philosophy

This simple but often-ignored facet of education – awareness, correct information, and exposure, all three things are almost entirely missing from our students' lives


Mastering Public Speaking & Presentation for Young Entrepreneurs

The art of making conversation is as much about listening as it is about making your own point,besides, if one doesn't listen intently, how will one contribute meaningfully?


Here' How Writing Can Become a Vital Tool for Entrepreneurs

So how can entrepreneurs make their experience-derived knowledge available to a wide audience?


Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Body Language Guide

Is Your Body Language Not Up to The Mark? Here's What You Need to Know


E-Learning Landscape In 2019

The boundless opportunities and possibilities that e-learning provides are simply undeniable

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