Nevil Patel

Managing Director, Orpat- Ajanta Group

A part of the third generation of the leadership of Orpat Group and a man with revolutionary ideas in the field of sales and marketing, Nevil Patel. If you could decode the marketing strategies in his mind, a whole book series of the Lord of the Rings would fall short. The man who continued the legacy of the Ajanta clocks and elevated it to a level where people would believe his vision “Home is where Orpat is”. With his proficiency and smart ideas, he managed to make Orpat Group's turnover 1200 crore from 200 crores.

‘Rome was not built in a day’! The position where the Group stands today is the result of rigorous efforts. After completing his Engineering in the field of Electronics from the USA, Nevil joined the company in 2004. The company's main source of Profit then was Power Generation Income. He took efforts to change the landscape of the products of the Group and won the trust of the market with his outstanding sales skills. His splendid expertise is the reason behind the change in the company which also includes diversification, product backward integration, in-house manufacturing, change in strategic marketing, restructuring of marketing, logistics etc. This made the company cash-rich.


Knowing the fact that product development is a continuous process, Nevil wants to diversify the company’s range of consumer durables just like the best-selling Water heater and Mixer Grinder segments.

Nevil is of the view that employment oriented activities are the key to successful management. Each employee working in the company is not just an employee but, is considered as a family member. All the employees are directly associated in all decision-making processes and everyone has access to the top management without any favour and fear. The work culture and strong commitment of workers to the set parameters is the inherent current flowing in the manufacturing units of the Group.

Social by nature, Nevil loves to meet new people and know them personally in his free time. His interests also cover gaining more and more information on culture, education and economics.

His life mission is to make Orpat a quintessential brand and become an entrepreneur who can bring change in the country.


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