Pooja Agarwal

Freelancer, Entrepreneur.com

Spends the day scouring updates on Technology, Social Media, and Startups for Entrepreneur India and reads books in the night. Also worked as Social Media Manager and Content Writer for over 25 brands across industries.



Why Venture Capital isn't Everyone's Cup of Tea

85% of today's most successful companies were funded by the modern venture capital ecosystem but success also depends largely on knowing when to say 'yes' or 'no'

Growth Strategies

This is How Small business Owners are Making it Big with Crowdfunding

One should spend time and resources on the pitch video as it is the single most important tool that will be used in the campaign

Growth Strategies

What Is Online Reputation Management And Why Does It Matter

The need to find a way out of the puddle created by bad reviews, comments, defamation, and rumors gave birth to Online Reputation Managers

Social Media

Why is Quora Everyone's New Favorite

Here's why Quora has become the place for those who want some serious traffic on their business websites

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