Why is Quora Everyone's New Favorite

Here's why Quora has become the place for those who want some serious traffic on their business websites

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By Pooja Agarwal

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While most new businesses and professionals are hopping like rabbits to Instagram trying to create visually appealing content to gain popularity, there are a few tortoises in the race who are turning to another social network Quora to publish long-form content by answering questions asked by common people like all of us.

Unlike other social networking sites, Quora does not like to feed on snippets of your personal life, rather it encourages users to answers questions that other users have posted on the platform. Here, the questions well forth from all walks of life and so do the people who answer them, mostly out of their own expertise and knowledge.

With the right answers and the right tactics, you can become a top writer with thousands of views and upvotes from readers and amass thousands of followers which lead you to be featured as a top writer and build your credibility as an expert in your industry or niche.

As much as it matters to give the right answers, it is also important to know what the right questions are. You can go about answering five hundred questions or you can just answer 20 questions which have bad answers but a lot of people are following that question, waiting for someone like you to post a satisfactory response.

Neha Sharma, Founder and Digital Marketer at BrandMommy, who has an intensive experience in content marketing sheds some light on why Quora has become the place to be for those who want some serious traffic on their business websites.

"Getting popular on Quora equals striking gold when it comes to driving traffic to your website as readers are often warm leads who are already looking for solutions", says Sharma.

If you are there to promote your business, dive straight into questions that directly relate to your industry. You can start by thinking from your ideal customer's perspective and start typing questions that they would generally have. Of course, you are allowed to add links to the article but Quora is highly intolerant of spamming so limit the links to the bottom of your answer and make sure that it is of high relevance to the readers.

So answering questions on Quora to help people or just to share your experiences is okay but how does it help establish one as a thought leader? Is it really worth the time and effort?

Sharma adds, "In a lot of ways it works just as a blog because you are sharing valuable information that's probably authentic too which automatically drives people's trust, making them willing to engage with you further, which is a good kickstart to building a following."

"Quora lets you measure the results with the analytics, just like a blog would," she says. Because the answers show up as Google search results, you are not limited to just the regular users of Quora and you have high chances of appearing in the top results. If you happen to write a mind-blowing answer, the staff at Quora might choose it to get published in a reputed media outlet.

Give people an actionable list on how to solve the problem they are stuck with and they will never forget you, in fact, they would want to associate with you further so you can cash on this opportunity by adding ways to connect with you like your Twitter handle or your Facebook page.

The possibilities are endless here because people ask questions on almost every imaginable topic which opens up opportunities for a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs to step forward and engage with people in a way that is fruitful to both.

With consistency and quality, you can build an audience for your blog or direct traffic to your website by starting to build credibility and trust even before the audiences actually visit you. With your ideas and experiences, you can have an impact on how people perceive and interact with your business, no matter if it is a niche service or a booming industry already.

Pooja Agarwal

Freelancer, Entrepreneur.com

Spends the day scouring updates on Technology, Social Media, and Startups for Entrepreneur India and reads books in the night. Also worked as Social Media Manager and Content Writer for over 25 brands across industries.

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