Sameer Aggarwal

Founder & CEO of RevFin


News and Trends

Use Of Psychometrics And Biometrics For Underwriting To Reduce NPAs

Availability of credit is a major ingredient in economic success of individuals, corporations and nations. It is therefore a sin that such a large proportion of human population is being deprived of the very ingredient that can take them out of poverty


How Fintechs Are Driving the Future Of the EV Sector In India

While e-rickshaws have been growing at a good pace, one common bottleneck is access to finance


How Technology And Fintechs Are Changing the Landscape of Lending In India

The fintech digital lending startups are doing what no other traditional financer does-bring credit facilities right to where the user is

Growth Strategies

Budget 2019 Expectations: 7 Things the Government Can Do to Boost the Indian Economy

The one area where the NDA 1 government was seen to be under performing was in job creation, this is where big announcements are expected


Fintech is Making India a Digitally Empowered Nation, in a Real Sense

Digital technology is capturing the hearts and minds of people and so has increased the significance of Fintechs

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