Sameer Narkar

Director and Chief Software Architect of Konnect Insights

Sameer Narkar is an Electronics & Telecommunications engineer with more than a decade’s worth of experience in software. After a career of 7 years in Software industry the work on Konnect Insight began in December 2011.

He is a Founder, Director and Chief Software Architect of Konnect Insights. Konnect Insights is a product of Prudence Analytics and Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The idea of developing a product in this space was conceived while working on a research project. After consulting with experts from the industry, the company decided to build the simplest and the most efficient tool in this space His skills set span from being the chief architect of Konnect Insights to taking charge of Business Development. He started learning the ropes of Big Data back in 2011.

In its present form Konnect Insights is giving some serious competition to internationally renowned social listening and analytics tools. Under Sameer’s leadership Konnect Insights can count some of the leading industry names from Telecom, Finance, Banking, Insurance, IT Consulting, Entertainment, Pharma & Hospitality as its subscribers.





#5 Key Hiring Trends Observed in the Software Industry Space in India

In the past few years, the software companies used to hire extra workforce without the actual requirement through bulk campus recruitment. But nowadays, the companies follow on-time hiring. The companies hire when the requirement arises.

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