Samira Gupta

Founder & Chief Image Consultant, Auraa Image Management and Consulting (AIMC)

When leading real estate developers, healthcare providers, technology giants, banks, and finance companies want leaders to be trained, they turn to Samira Gupta, a sought after corporate trainer in the NCR region. Samira is the Founder and Chief Image Consultant of Auraa Image Management and Consultancy (AIMC) and has trained leaders from companies like Ireo, Fortis, TCS, Yes Bank, and Iffco-Tokio to name just a few.

Leading companies depend on her expertise because she produces outstanding results. Her talent of enhancing even accomplished leaders powers of persuasion is legendary as is her gift of teaching leader’s how to close winning deals. Samira understands communication is the key to personal, social, and professional success. She also understands that good communication is as much about speaking well as about being an attentive listener and about using tone, body language, and words to convey the right message. It is her skill of improving a leader’s communication skills that make her a prized corporate trainer.   

Samira’s broad expertise includes training leaders to sell luxury products. She understands companies that market luxury products need leaders who understand how to subtly influence discerning customers. Such subtly is never inborn and must be learned. Because Samira understands the nuances of non-verbal communication, leaders taught by her are able to decipher customers’ intentions using visual cues and also learn to project an appropriate image. This allows them to subtly influence even the most demanding customers, making Samira a vital asset to companies that market luxury products. Samira’s talents make it possible for luxury brands to create buying experiences that complement their upscale products and thereby grow sales.

AIMC was established in 2013 because Samira wanted to use her knowledge and 24 years of corporate experience to help leaders realize their true potential. Since its establishment, Samira has taught leaders in over 200 companies how to present themselves, communicate better and taught them flawless business and dining etiquette. She measures her success by that of those she trains and according to this yardstick her success has been nearly limitless.

Samira has an MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. She has been awarded the “Exceptional Women of Excellent Award” by Women’s Economic Forum, “Leadership Award 2017- Business Excellence” by Image Management Professionals Association, and “Female Real Estate Professional of the Year – South 2012” by Realty Plus Excellence Awards. She is an NLP practitioner, has a certification in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and is a qualified Wine Etiquette Trainer from WSET London. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and The Alchemist by Robin Sharma are books that have impacted her.     


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