Shivjeet Kullar

Council Leader of SuperStartUps Asia

Being the CEO of NFX Digital, a research startup situated in New Delhi that focuses on providing relevant insights through their innovative portal Adytude, Shivjeet has successfully traversed tough waters of the startup world. He has incisive experience on what it takes to build a business from the ground up. In fact, the idea of having Asia decide the next SuperStartUp winners stems from all the research done through his Adytude platform.

This is merely the current stage of a career that spans more than 30 years. Shivjeet has won close to 100 national and international awards for his work in advertising. After playing a pivotal role in the BJP campaign that won them the elections in 1998, he created two ad campaigns that have been seared in Indian popular culture: the ‘Bole Mere Lips, I Love Uncle Chipps’ jingle and the Shahrukh Mayur Khan campaign. Furthermore, he is also an acclaimed playwright (‘Shiva Calling’, ’50 Words’) and author (‘Taking the Taj’).

Being the council leader of SuperStartUps is a perfect addition to a long and illustrious career. Throughout his tenure, Shivjeet has always believed in pushing the envelope and thinking completely out-of-the-box. His values successfully align with the vision SuperStartUps had when they decided to create a startup award -- whose victors are selected not by some esteemed panel, but by the people who really count – the netizens of India, .


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