Suddan S S

Founder & CEO at HR CUBE & MINTLY

 An entrepreneur by heart, he has his roots in Coimbatore. Unable to bear the frustrations of finding a good talent and also realizing the huge skill gap problem, Suddan laid the foundation of his startup HR CUBE.
Suddan completed his engineering from Bharathiar University , followed by  MS in Computer Science from North Dakota State University,US. After that he started working in SAP consulting for 9 years while launching   startups in E-Commerce, SAP , Food and Social Media that failed.  While working he also pursued Hybrid MBA Program at Kelley School of Business, IU that paved the way for his 5th Startup, HR CUBE
After finishing MBA, Suddan got himself enrolled in Columbia Business School where he completed his executive education in Personal Leadership. Apart from running his startups, he is also a motivational speaker and a mentor to startups in Indianapolis. He is also actively involved in the Indian Startup ecosystem. A regular contributor for Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, HANS India and frequently been on Podcasts catering to Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Suddan is always willing to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in others. 



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