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# 3 Reasons Why Multitasking Is More Unproductive Than You Think Trying to focus on more than one task at a time puts pressure on the brain, which is designed to concentrate on one task at a time

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So you think you can multitask and do many things simultaneously. Perhaps you feel that only if you can concentrate and do a number of tasks simultaneously, you can get much productive and get your tasks done faster. Well, let me tell you a small little fact: Human beings cannot multitask in the truest sense. What you think as multitasking is basically your brain switching fast from one task to another. So when you are studying while watching a football match and thinking that you are effectively doing both of them, well, you actually are not doing justice to either of them.

Here are three reasons why multitasking is more unproductive than you think and why you should always focus on one thing at a time:

Multitasking Increases Stress

Trying to focus on more than one task at a time puts pressure on the brain. Our brain is designed to concentrate on one task at a time. Now, due to the added pressure of switching from one task to another, the brain takes more time to do the tasks. This causes stress as the same tasks now take more time than what you would normally take to complete it. At the end of the day, you get up doing nothing of value.

Setting too many goals at one time and multitasking to achieve them does more harm than good. When you work, concentrate on one thing, complete it and only then move on to the next task.

Multitasking Weakens Your Memory

Frequent multitasking is detrimental to your memory. Memory loss and absentmindedness are very common among those who multitask on a regular basis. Our brain is not designed to handle too many tasks at the same time. Also when you are juggling between two different activities, you are not paying proper attention to any one of them. So whatever you are doing or learning, you will not be able to recollect it properly later. Short term memory loss is a regular phenomenon but beware: multitasking can even damage your permanent memory.

Multitasking Kills Your Creativity

While multitasking, your attention switches from one problem to another due to which you can't concentrate on a particular problem at one time. You may be able to work on many tasks at one time, but you will really struggle in those which require some serious problem-solving. This is because your brain becomes so habituated to shifting tasks that it no longer is able to concentrate on one thing with full concentration.

Creative pursuits are thoroughly affected if you multitask on a regular basis. To really get into the depth of the problem and solving, it requires undivided attention and dedication and should never be done while multitasking. For example, do not check your chats or emails while working on a tough problem. You may take a break, reply to your chats and then resume working again.

In short, multitasking is bad for your productivity and your overall well-being. Avoid switching between tasks and concentrate on only one thing at a time. You will find that you are getting much more done than ever before.

Suddan S S

Founder & CEO at HR CUBE & MINTLY

 An entrepreneur by heart, he has his roots in Coimbatore. Unable to bear the frustrations of finding a good talent and also realizing the huge skill gap problem, Suddan laid the foundation of his startup HR CUBE.
Suddan completed his engineering from Bharathiar University , followed by  MS in Computer Science from North Dakota State University,US. After that he started working in SAP consulting for 9 years while launching   startups in E-Commerce, SAP , Food and Social Media that failed.  While working he also pursued Hybrid MBA Program at Kelley School of Business, IU that paved the way for his 5th Startup, HR CUBE
After finishing MBA, Suddan got himself enrolled in Columbia Business School where he completed his executive education in Personal Leadership. Apart from running his startups, he is also a motivational speaker and a mentor to startups in Indianapolis. He is also actively involved in the Indian Startup ecosystem. A regular contributor for Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, HANS India and frequently been on Podcasts catering to Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Suddan is always willing to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in others. 
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