Zafar Rais

Zafar is a Post Graduate in Business Management. He has over a decade of experience in areas of marketing, sales, operations, research and product innovation. After an early start into the digital era, Zafar established a need state for ‘MindShift Interactive’. Through his entrepreneurial venture he promises to deliver Insightful Digital Outreach for businesses and create a presence for brands that is backed by insights, intelligence and impact. Under Zafar’s leadership, MindShift Interactive runs two business verticals, MindShift Digital (Digital Marketing, Influencer Relations & Mobile Technology) and MindShift Metrics (Digital Research and Social Care). Zafar is highly passionate about creating global impact through digital and is an avid traveler.



Social Media

Tips To Make Your Startup Standout On Snapchat

Now is the time to bridge that gap and excite audiences in a fun, energetic and cost-effective manner.

Growth Strategies

Why Segmenting your Target Audience Is Essential

The right form of segmentation should emphasize on a qualitative basis and not just numerical recordings


Virtual Reality: Changing Shopping Experiences

VR is coming to every field near you - has your eCommerce prepared itself?


The Future of Location Based Marketing

Location based marketing offers great potential for growth but marketers are still not cashing in. Here's why-

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