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#10 Entrepreneurs Who are Bringing Change in the World Let's know a little about the top 10 entrepreneurs of 2017 who are bringing change in the world.

By Jitendra Vaswani

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"I Believe anything is possible. I see opportunity when others see impossibility. I take risks. I am focussed. I hustle. I see problems and challenges as opportunities for growth. I take flying leaps into the unknown. I believe if you never dream, you will never have a dream to come true. I am an Entrepreneur."

The lines mentioned above describe everything about an entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur is a person who builds, acquires, develops and accomplishes. An entrepreneur is a person who always seeks out for change, responses to it, and take advantage of it as an opportunity. An entrepreneur starts a venture bearing all the risks, applying their initiative and creativity to chase their dream goals.

We have many such living examples of young and dynamic entrepreneurs which have taken the world by a squall. Their pioneering philosophy towards a particular prospect makes them extraordinary and stand out in the crowd. Let's know a little about the top 10 entrepreneurs of 2017 who are bringing change in the world.

Lewis Howes

Lewis is the author of the popular edition "The School of Greatness- A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy. He is n American author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League footballer. He is on the board of member team of non-profits Pencils of Promise. His talk show "The Schools of Greatness" is distributed as a podcast.

Howes has created a multimillion dollar online business from SportsNetworker and Sports Executive Association, which are social media promoting consulting organizations targeted at sports industry. His podcast show "The School of Greatness" is an all-time hit among the people, as it is a successful leadership and personal development podcast on iTunes. The show includes many know personnel who share their life's journey with people.

Gary Vaynerchuk

He is an American businessperson, four-time New York blockbusting writer, prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, and globally known internet celebrity. He was recognized first as a leading wine reviewer who took his family business from $3 million to $60 million. Gary is famous as a digital marketing, and social media innovator at the tiller of New York established VynerX and VAynermedia. He is a permanent prominent speaker at global entrepreneurship and technology seminars.

Gary hosts the #AskGaryVee Show, business and marketing concentrated Q&A TV show and podcast. His another show is DailyVee, which I documentary series showing up facts as to what it's like to be an investor, CEO, and a renowned public figure in today's multimedia age.

Tai Lopez

Lopez's strong beginnings and slow rise to huge achievements is an inspirational narrative that electrifies today's young entrepreneurs. He is a financier, associate, and consultant to more than 20 million-dollar businesses. His ardent entrepreneur qualities contribute lots of achievement to his social media manifestation.

Like others, Tai also tried many business ideas at his life's most awful time. But few things kept him trying every new idea that kicked in his mind. His patience and learning attitude made him so successful that today you won't be able to avoid him at YouTube or Instagram pages anyhow.

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is the founder of Youpreneur Academy, and also known as Virtual CEO. He is viewed as the top consultant on the matter of virtual enlistment and personal subcontracting. He is a successive Moghul who possesses and controls three companies in the Philippines, with 300 employees, including a call center, an employment consultancy, and a co-working space to back the local startup business persons.

Along with managing Live2Sell Group, Chris has the supernatural talent to understand other compatible entrepreneurs. He is an international speaker, and a well-known blogger and podcaster. He has been highlighted in many publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes,, Insider, Founder magazines. He is listed also as the top 40 online marketing influencers. He has shared all the tips and techniques to win the virtual world in his #1 bestselling book "Virtual Freedom".

Adam Braun

Adam is yet another leader among the rising generation of change makers. Adam is an American businessperson, philanthropist, and a blockbusting writer. He is New York Times chart-topping author and Originator and CEO of MissionU. He is also a former Founder and CEO of Pencils of Promise which is an award-winning venture that has built around 400 schools around the world.

His greatest achievement includes - introduction as a speaker at The White House, The UNs, and The Clinton Global Initiative. He is entitled to Business Insider's 40 under 40 and Wired magazine's 50 People Who Are Changing the World. Due to his extraordinary skills, personality, and prolific character, he was nominated as one of the World Economic Forum's first ten Global Shapers.

Jeff Bezos

Most of us have heard the name of Jeff Bezos, who is a founder of He is the third richest man in the world after the great investment Moghuls Warren Buffet (second) and Bill Gates at first place). He is an American impresario and venture capitalist of the world's largest online shopping store. His courageous attitude and remarkable talent took his simple online business of books to the world's biggest online store for multiple products and services.

His other expanded businesses include aerospace and newspapers. He is also the inventor and builder of Blue Origin which examines flights to space in 2015 and also proposes for business suborbital human spaceflight in 2018. He also acquired The Washington Post newspaper in 2013, and many other commercial business ventures are controlled under Bezos Expeditions.

Elon Musk

He is an extraordinary personality with an entirely different motive to prove his talents. He is attempting to redefine transport on earth and space. He is a South-African-born Canadian-American business industrialist, shareholder, engineer, and architect. He is involved in series of undertakings namely - CTO, CEO, and founder of SpaceX, product designer of Telsa, founder, and chairman of SolarCity and OpenAI, Zip2 and appeared with Confinity took the name of PayPal.

His ambitions include projects involve changing the world and humanity. While planning his ventures, he also pays attention to reducing global warming through the use of sustainable energy production and consumption. His vision includes making life multi-planetary by establishing a human colony on Mars.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an American capitalist, author, and philanthropist who has proved to the world that even a less educated man can work towards his dreams and get huge success. Robbins early life was full of chaos and unhappy incidences. But due to his willingness to fight all the odds, he made his way as successful as he is today. In his lifetime, he has coached fifty million people from over 100 countries.

As the #1 life and business strategist, he is called upon to seek advice from and train world's finest artists, sportspersons, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even presidents of nations. He became famous for his commercials and self-help books namely- Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within, and Awaken the Giant Within. His success was recorded in Forbes periodical's"Celebrity 100" list earning an expected $30 million yearly. He is a great man with optimistic prophecies about today's young generation. One can take life's lesson from him.

Evan Spiegel –Snapchat founder

Evan Spiegel is the young behind today's teens most favorite app Snapchat. He even left Stanford before finishing his degree, to pay more attention to his dream project. Most of the young people out there enjoy using this image messaging and multimedia mobile app. Evan, with his two more friends –Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown created the app when they were at Stanford University studying product design.

Evan Thomas Spiegel is an American internet Moghul and a proud owner and CEO of social media company Snap.Inc. Evan had an educational background where he learned many things at an early age only, and that is why he was able to follow his dream goals with full determination. His success story is an inspiring example for those who are blessed with everything but still want to have their own identity. When you strive for your aims in life, no one can come in your way to fiddle with it.

Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp-Uber Founders

"Need is the father of invention". This line fits perfectly to the founder of UBER, a transportation network company. Uber's founder Travis once faced issue while traveling in Paris- he could not find a cab to get to an important meeting. And then a company was born called Uber Cabs, which solved the commuting problem faced by many people of Paris. Today the business has spread to many nations, and the convenience is provided at a total affordable pricing.

Travis Kalanick, Uber founder, is an American computer programmer and a magnate. Along with the transportation network company Uber, he is a co-founder of Peer-to-peer file sharing digital company Red Swoosh. He addresses at symposiums and business events, together with TechCrunch Disrupt, Tech Cocktail, DLD, and LeWeb.In 2014, he got into the Forbes list of the 400 wealthiest Americans at place 290, with an expected net worth of $6 billion.


Therefore, all the entrepreneurs mentioned above have impacted the world in a great way. These people are the live examples for today's young generation who want to achieve something big in life. Life is full of opportunities, and it entirely depends on us, how we utilize it for the betterment of the society and ourselves. With a positive attitude and determination, one can chase his dreams and establish something extraordinary at any stage of life. A successful entrepreneur never thinks of the upcoming obstacles, instead, take them as a challenge to reach the goal.

In the list of successful entrepreneurs, you will find many such young minds who have explored the chances in the most optimal way and gained success at an early age by fighting all the odds coming in their way.

Jitendra Vaswani


I am a professional blogger, speaker and an influential digital marketer. I am also the founder of Internet Marketing blog & Product Founder

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