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By Rahul R

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When you are an entrepreneur, a smart one, leading teams irrespective of their size in office, it is undoubtedly a fact that you are responsible for the work performance of your team on a whole. Now, in modern corporate settings, work stress and low motivation levels play a huge role in resulting in a burnout-like situation among people. But, the sheer number of work tasks requiring completion cannot be the reason for employees having to decide to suddenly parts ways with your company.

This requires employee management; the art goes beyond simply motivating your employees or putting up motivational quotes by great leaders all over the office walls. Plain motivation would not get employees to perform and finish often a heavy workload. There are other ways which you could potentially apply to get your employees to perform (truly, beyond just work completion and following orders) so that they are smart and well equipped with knowledge even after they have completed their tasks. Entrepreneur India attempts at exploring these offbeat skills, which you as a first-time entrepreneur, could employ to ensure that your employees are true performers:

Your team members are talent powerhouses

Since you are a team leader, it is vital that you take responsibility to find the right recruits in the first place. Now, even if you think you have not found the right choice, offer them maximum learning opportunities by offering them tasks which could bring out their full creativity.

"Empowering and unshackling your workforce to be themselves and think like individuals will yield the best results for any 21st century organization," believes Rahul Puri, Managing Director at Mukta A2 Cinemas.

The takeaway here is that entrepreneurs leading large teams must empower team members such that the former thinks that it is a personal task which he/she is performing; rather than being overwhelmed by the mere mention of deadlines and appraisals.

Accord people time; for urgent tasks, experts believe that the best way to get employees to performs is when you do tasks together with your team members. You need not intimidate them with your presence. The key here is to double up as a guiding light and mentor, more than just a mere boss.

Ditch that CEO cabin, for passion

As a leader of an organization, it is vital that you remain firmly rooted to your passion (of making a difference) in tandem with the passion of your employees.

"Have passion in people and not in power. Companies must understand why people are with you, what they want, and then align collective aspirations to business goals," stated Leza Parker who is a Singapore-based entrepreneur and veteran angel investor, at a recent conference on Happy Workplaces in Bengaluru.

You could practically choose to have your work desk right where your core team is based; you are in an advantage in a shared workspace as you could literally ditch that "boss' chamber" and instead empower everybody so that they are bosses in their respective work tasks. Now, this gesture could potentially go a long way in bringing about a feeling of inclusiveness.

You could then offer enough motivation such that this inclusiveness feeling could translate into actual work. If not, become closer to the so-called "underperformers"; you need not take them out for lunch or coffee; but offer a patient hearing.

Prevention of unethical treatment of employees

In India, we have an organization that looks at preventing unethical treatment to animals; similarly, you could have a committee (headed by you) to ensure that all your teammates are treated with the same amount of respect and authenticity. This aspect is a key element of happiness at modern workplaces as well.

Here, we are not talking about favoritism and nepotism; but it has got everything to deal with simply respecting team members as individual contributors rather than hired guns.

"The first word is trust and the last word here again is trust. The leaders can work to bring together groups with carefully chosen synergies where they feel like Collaborators and not Competitors. That will bring in the first level of trust, opening up and sharing of ideas and involvement," informs Sajju Aravind – CEO at Edubrisk that works on smart teaching and learning solutions.

Aravind's insights add substance to the concept of inculcating group learnings within the office such that each group is empowered to produce outstanding leaders in their own way when it comes to delivering performance. Finally, display smartness while setting the KRAs for your team members; nobody likes to be taken for rides!

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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