5 Unicorn Founders Share Their Productivity Hacks

Entrepreneurs often figure out their own techniques or hacks to stay productive

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From the 80/20 Rule and Getting Things Done to the Pomodoro Technique and the Rule of Three, there are many productivity techniques out there that can help us make the most of our time. While entrepreneurs stay aware of these methods, they often figure out their own techniques or hacks to stay productive and also to help their teams enhance their productivity.


Here are some tips from entrepreneurs who have created unicorns.

Nilesh Patel, CEO and founder, LeadSquared

"Taking a walk outside and interacting with my colleagues are the two hacks that help calm my mind and also help in enhancing my productivity during the day. I have always felt refreshed after chatting with my team at LeadSquared. Another hack that I live by is to plan my day by writing short notes before I kickstart my day. It's really important to take these small steps to stay active throughout the day."

Baskar Subramanian, co-founder and CEO, Amagi

"I believe that spending a few hours every day on an activity that you enjoy can boost productivity tremendously. I take out an hour every day to cycle and come back to my work routine feeling refreshed and recharged. It gives me renewed vigor to tackle my day-to-day challenges and helps me accomplish more than what I set out to do that day."

Rikant Pittie, co-founder, EaseMyTrip

"I believe in the power of technology that helps me in multiple ways in being productive. I make sure to adopt technology where ever possible to ease my day-to-day operations; be it in my own personal networking or introducing WhatsApp chat box for EazeMyTrip, during the pandemic, to have a quick response time. Also, I love traveling and surrounding myself with loved ones which help me stay grounded and humble."

Alakh Pandey, founder and CEO, PW(PhysicsWallah)

"The biggest challenge of working on your own or with a team is defining productivity. I consciously organize my work schedule, follow it religiously, and track progress at regular intervals. I don't believe in a hierarchical structure as it obstructs productivity, which ends up missing out on a lot of innovative ideas from young minds. PW's success lies in how different functions come and work concurrently. I still make to-do lists of important tasks and prioritize the most challenging work to keep things streamlined. My mantra is that results are the outcome of the hard work and dedication you put in."

Saurabh Garg, co-founder and chief business officer, NoBroker

"Sometimes simple adjustments in life get the best results. Coming to the office before everyone else and planning the day well in advance helps increase productivity immensely."